TealOS for Palm OS Updated

TealOSTealPoint Software continues to improve upon its TealOS application for Palm OS devices. Since its initial announcement, a multitude of updates have been released which have improved performance, added numerous additional features and of course corrected a handful of bugs. TealOS simulates the card-based interface of WebOS on the new Palm Pre. TealOS comes complete with support for thumbnail image cards, a translucent applications screen, customizable background images, and even a popup wave launcher.

TealOS is available now with a free trial period. v1.06 is the latest "stable" release, while the beta version is up to v1.27. The program costs $14.95 to purchase the full version. TealPoint says it should be compatible with most Palm OS 5 based Palm devices and supports high-res plus devices such as the Palm TX. You can also checkout a video of the app in action here.

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Nice app, but I dont' see a reason to upgrade...

bhartman34 @ 3/13/2009 9:24:27 AM # Q
I have an older version of TealOS on my Centro. For those who don't have this, I can recommend it, but for those who do, I don't see a reason to upgrade to the newest version.

I'd kind of like to see this running on my girlfriend's TX, though. I think a bigger screen would be more impressive. :)

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Much faster

Dan Georges @ 3/13/2009 9:38:42 AM # Q
This version is much faster than the older one. It's very snappy on my T|C, and one annoying bug was fixed - the category drop-down works now.

The only thing I wish this app could do is enable true multi-tasking. The applications are not running in the background, but only a "screen shot" of the app window is taken and appears on screen.
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still lack some key features

zuhmir @ 3/13/2009 12:58:46 PM # Q
Great launcher! but still lacks the pop-up menu that comes when you linger on an icon that lets you delete/beam/move-to-card.... that most launchers have.
Also, still no option to change color/theme...

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