Skyfire Web Browser Updated

SkyFireSkyfire Labs have released a new beta version of their web browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian s60 smartphones. Skyfire is designed to deliver a desktop-like browsing experience on the small screen. The browser supports full web browsing, and comes with the ability to handle rich media content such as streaming flash video, Ajax , Quicktime, Windows Media and others. The new beta features numerous improvements and performance tweaks and is now available as a direct download and registration is no longer required. It is also no longer restricted to just US and Canadian users and addes VGA support on select Windows Mobile devices.

Skyfire 0.8.5 beta is available as a free download from The software runs natively on the device and utilizes a proxy for rendering and transcoding all content. If you are upgrading, the company strongly recommend users first uninstall any previous versions.

Thanks to WapReview for the tip.

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