Treo 680 Retired at AT&T

Palm Treo 680In what should come as little surprise, the Palm Treo 680 smartphone has just been EOL'd at AT&T according to a newly leaked company document obtained by the Boy Genius Report. The document lists both the standard and crimson colored 680 as end of life. The nearly two year old GSM device has largely been superseded by the trendier Palm Centro, which nearly matches the device spec-wise with a smaller package and lower price point. The Treo 680 debuted on AT&T (then Cingular) back in November 2006. It sold for $199 with a two year contract and data plan.

The leaked AT&T roadmap is also notable for what it does not mention in the upcoming "launch column". There are no references to any other upcoming Palm devices, which is not a good sign for anyone holding out for a carrier subsidized Treo Pro.

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