Two New Centro Colors Coming to Sprint

Palm's most recent Palm OS smartphone, the Centro, recently passed the 2 million sold mark. According to this SprintUsers forum thread, Palm is about to unleash two new Centro colors to help that device inch closer to 3 million units sold. The new colors are said to be "Rose" and "Green". A reported release date of October 19th is given with no additional details if these colors will be in-store or web-only. Unfortunately, no pictures are available of these refreshed Centros of yet.

Launched in October of 2007, the Palm Centro is available in both AT&T GSM, unlocked GSM, and Verizon and Sprint CDMA versions domestically in addition to a variety of international carrier partners.

In additional Palm Centro news, retail giant Best Buy is continuing their strong push of the Verizon Wireless version of the Centro. This week, ending Saturday the 6th, the Verizon Centro is available at Best Buy in-store for "free" after instant rebates with the signing of a 2yr contract for new customers. Current users eligible for an upgrade can get the Centro for just $59.99. Additionally, Best Buy is giving 500 bonus Reward Zone points with the purchase of the Centro, which works out to at least $10 in the form of an in-store gift certificate mailed to members.

BestBuy Centro Sale

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Alltel? If only...

Smartmoose @ 9/3/2008 10:20:48 AM # Q
"Launched in October of 2007, the Palm Centro is available in both AT&T GSM, unlocked GSM, and Verizon and Alltel CDMA versions domestically..."

As a current Alltel customer with a rather aged Treo 650, I only wish they were offering the Centro. I think you meant that there are Verizon and Sprint CDMA versions.

In the meantime, I'll keep waiting... potential until the Verizon acquisition of Alltel is complete (sigh).

RE: Alltel? If only...
hkklife @ 9/3/2008 10:25:21 AM # Q
Sorry! Brain fart! I meant, of course "Sprint & Verizon"
Thanks for the catch!

Yes, I'm truly surprised Alltel hasn't jumped on the Centro yet. Maybe too many unsold 755p's still clogging up a warehouse somewhere are to blame? Hmmmm.....

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RE: Alltel? If only...
SeldomVisitor @ 9/3/2008 10:44:39 AM # Q
Alltel has no need to buy the Centro - or any other new phone:


RE: Alltel? If only...
Smartmoose @ 9/3/2008 10:57:15 AM # Q
True, SeldomVisitor (and I mentioned the Verizon acquisition in my initial post), but they *are* still releasing new phones... including smartphones. Thankfully, both Verizon and Alltel are continuing to operate as separate companies until the deal is finally complete. The good: Alltel is still signing new contracts (which will be honored if/when the Verizon deal is finalized). The bad: Alltel's primary roaming partner is still Sprint, so coverage reception is less-than-stellar when roaming here in Michigan. And they've already said there's no intention to reverse the preference order in the PRL since they must honor their agreement with Sprint until they officially become part of Verizon.

At any rate, I'm still hoping for a Centro on Alltel, so I can re-up my contract and hold on to the MyCircle benefits for another couple of years. Word in my local store is that they expect it to happen, especially since Treo 755p models were recently reduced to $99 to clear out inventory. Otherwise I'll just get a Centro once Alltel becomes part of Verizon, but I'll have to switch to a Verizon service plan. :-(

RE: Alltel? If only...
hkklife @ 9/3/2008 11:47:37 AM # Q
Yup, it's not over until the fat lady sings and Alltel is still acting like the "old" Alltel until the deal is consumated 100% officially.

Well, Smartmoose, if you do end up with the VZW version of the Centro, at least you can be content that it's the best looking (IMO) of the Centros if you are looking for a subdued, professional-looking color scheme. And the Centro is also fortunately eligible for Verizon's "cheap" data plan ($30/month instead of $45 like the Treos).

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Verizon colors

teiluj24 @ 9/3/2008 10:45:04 AM # Q
If Palm wants to hit the 3 million mark so badly, why don't they offer more colors on Verizon? I hate the fact that they only have navy blue, and have been holding off on buying the Centro in hopes that they'd have more colors, especially after the electric blue came out on Sprint. At least offer a black version, Verizon... anything!

RE: Verizon colors
LiveFaith @ 9/3/2008 11:28:19 AM # Q
I don't think that Palm OS Frankengarnet is able to handle too many colors. It's a little outta date.

Pat Horne
RE: Verizon colors
abosco @ 9/3/2008 5:50:56 PM # Q
You're right, that's exactly what sells devices. More colors.

Are you, by chance, with Palm's marketing department?

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Color rationing? Palm - Pimp my phone.

Poopie @ 9/3/2008 12:28:08 PM # Q
Palm - why not just make the cases in a few thousand colors, make them easy to change, and be done with it? The suspense about what color is coming next is KILLING me.

You know... seriously, maybe Palm could try to be the Scion of phones and put those little "pimp my phone" stores out of business by letting people actually order a purple phone with a lightning bolt sticker across the back, a fluorescent yellow keyboard, a flashing blue LED in a leopard skin case with a gold chain.

I'm just saying... centro users would probably ditch their old phone for a new *TECHNICALLY IDENTICAL* one if they could get one that matched their new fall wardrobe

RE: Color rationing? Palm - Pimp my phone.
LiveFaith @ 9/3/2008 1:33:20 PM # Q
Palm's just milking the teet fully before Nova shakes up the electronics world and places Apple, RIM, Nikia, LG, and Samsung in the bread lines. Hey, don't laugh. People stand in line to buy lottery tickets, so anything's possible!

Maybe the new breakthru Nova designs will have that "mood ring" coating which changes colors based on your mood. Then a nice interface back to the OS from the "mood" input device could change system colors, sounds and ring tones based on mood. Wow, they may patent the term Mood Rings for cell phones.

Gosh, I'm gettin' stupid here. C'mon Palm, grab an old RAZR and get us some dark / grainy shot of a new device on a Taipei Users Group website and then force em' to pull it down in 2 days. We need something!

Pat Horne

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It's too irrestistable

hgoldner @ 9/3/2008 2:43:20 PM # Q
(If I felt like Palm bashing, which I don't.....)

You've heard of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

Isn't this sorta like repainting them?


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So what color is Plam hinging Xmas sales on?

mikecane @ 9/3/2008 3:54:25 PM # Q
Hey, maybe they'll take half of rose and half of green and put them together for a special JUMBO HOLIDAY COLOR!!!!

Man, THAT will pump up that bottom line during the holiday sales season!

RE: So what color is Palm hanging Xmas sales on?
Rastick @ 9/3/2008 10:09:32 PM # Q
Sprint stores will be able to dangle red (rose) and green Centros from their seasonal decorations. It will be all festive and pretty and heartwarming.

What could be better than a brand new set of colors in a phone where the 3G actually works!

RE: So what color is Plam hinging Xmas sales on?
SeldomVisitor @ 9/4/2008 5:11:39 AM # Q
Maybe that's what PalmOS 6 is all about.

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