mOcean Now Available for $9.95

mOceanmOcean, formerly a $30 application for Palm OS, has now been permanently reduced to just under $10 for the full version. MotionApps's mOcean is an iPod emulating digital audio player for the Palm OS that also offers iTunes synchronization, skin and background support, live internet radio, podcast support, audiobooks and phone and video functionality. The program lets you browse and control music playback with an on-screen mini scroll wheel as well as the 5-way navigator. Although a free ad supported version has been available for some time, its nice to see such an excellent program come down in price.

mOcean v3.2.3 is available now for Palm OS. It comes with a free trial period and costs $9.95. It is worth noting that mOcean is only compatible with Palm OS smartphones such as the Treo and Centro, so Palm PDA diehards need to look towards PocketTunes or elsewhere for their media-playback fix. Also be sure to checkout Tim's review of v3.0.

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happyPalm @ 8/28/2008 10:48:55 AM # Q
cuz no one is buying it. why buy when you can get PocketTunes bundled.
RE: heheh
LiveFaith @ 8/28/2008 2:17:45 PM # Q
Probably true. Maybe not a great sign for future support. $30 was a bit steep.

But, I must say this is one slick piece of software. They obviously took pains to make the scroll / select response time excellent. This thing not only looks iPod-esque, but unlike most look a likes it actually has the crisp and snappy function. A cool convo piece when people go "wow, you have an iPod on your phone"?!? Internet radio as well, so don't forget this is a lot cheaper than the PTunes upgrade. A lot cheaper.

"Very impressive and functional IMO.

Pat Horne

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