SplashMoney 4 Does Handheld Wireless Banking

SplashData today announced SplashMoney 4.0, a personal finance application for Palm OS handhelds that now allows users to instantly download their most recent banking account activities through a wireless connection on a PDA or smartphone.

SplashMoneySplashMoney is a complete personal financial manager for Palm OS handhelds and desktop computers that allows users to record transactions, track account balances, generate reports and budgets, and manage finances while on the go. Beyond the new wireless online banking capabilities and two-way synchronization with the included desktop software, SplashMoney 4.0 features a streamlined user-interface, charting of financial data, the ability to assign icons to transactions, transaction filtering, and bank account reconciliation. SplashMoney may be used as a stand-alone application on a Palm OS handheld or desktop computer, and is optimized for two-way synchronization between the two.  

“SplashMoney has always been a favorite of handheld enthusiasts that want to manage their finances while on the go,” said John Chaffee, president of SplashData. “The new wireless banking support is sure to be a boon for anyone using a Treo smartphone or wireless-enabled PDA. By including both handheld and desktop software with seamless synchronization between the two, we are able to provide a complete end-to-end financial management solution of unparalleled integration, simplicity and value.”

SplashMoney 4.0 is available now for $29.95 [BUY]. Registered users of previous versions of SplashMoney may upgrade for $9.95. It is also available as part of the SplashWallet Suite, which includes SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashPhoto and SplashShopper at a 50% discount. A full functioning 30-day trial version is also available for download.

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SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken

skennedy1217 @ 3/1/2005 5:02:29 PM # Q
I owned a previous version of SpashMoney (ver. 2 point something) and opted for Pocket Quicken due to the seemless integration with my desktop version of Quicken. Syncing Splash with Quicken used to be cumbersome. I don't see myself giving up Quicken in favor of SM's desktop application, so have they improved the sync between SM and Quicken in these later versions. Anyone have any experience with it they can share? I'm getting a Treo 650 soon so this might be a useful program.

RE: SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken
Ohmster @ 3/1/2005 5:52:57 PM # Q
I doubt it. Last time I asked them about this specifically, they stated Landware [Pocket Quicken] had access to Intuit [Quicken] proprietary information. And without it, SplashMoney could not provide the same seamless interface to Quicken.

RE: SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken
svrontis @ 3/1/2005 6:14:43 PM # Q
I have tried just about every account management program out there and, for my requirements, SplashMoney is by far the best thing available. (NB - I don't synchronise with Quicken or M$ Money so I can't comment on that.) SplashMoney makes it really easy to juggle a number of accounts, and it has good reporting and budgeting functions too.

Despite that, I'm not sure I like the new UI which was introduced in v4.0 - that toolbar at the bottom of the screen is, I think, a big step backwards. When will developers realise that toolbars with a bunch of meaningless icons detract from the ease of use of their programs? I have gone back to the v3.03 version of SplashMoney, because it has buttons which are consistent with usual Palm OS way of doing things.

If you are looking for an account management/budgeting application, don't let my little rant dissuade you from trying SplashMoney - it's truly excellent (apart, that is, from the silly toolbar issue).

RE: SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken
riverbruce @ 3/1/2005 8:50:33 PM # Q
I have been a Pocket Quicken user for quite awhile. While synchronization is seamless, I have longed for something that would allow me to connect to online banking through Bank of America. I downloaded the trial version, followed the easy instructions and connected to Bank of America and downloaded all my newest transactions. It was a snap and may be what moves me to SplashMoney. Now... does anyone know if SplashMoney can schedule electronic payments, like I do with my desktop Quicken? I know I can do bill pay using Blazer but if I can make an electronic, new transaction and have it transmit to Bank of America through SplashMoney's internet option, I'm totally sold and may not need any desktop options.

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RE: SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken
mtt @ 3/2/2005 10:15:29 AM # Q
I use SplashMoney, it came with my Treo originally. I downloaded this update - quite nice. I doesn't work with all banks, but it does work perfectly with American Express. It also gives you a simple clean desktop version, so you can easily view and edit your financial info at your PC, something that was missing with the old version. The new interface is very usable, once you memorize what the vague little icons all mean. (no floating tooltips in Palm!) I will be shelling out the $10 to upgrade.

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RE: SplashMoney vs. Pocket Quicken
Pip @ 5/1/2005 3:37:28 PM # Q
I purchased SplashMoney 4 two months ago when it first came out...2 months and several versions later and major functions of the program which were described in the user's guide either do not function for many if not all users, or are buggy eg: printing doesn't function, scheduled transactions do not remind and also inconsistently appear in different registers, the conduit is unreliable, users report that work-arounds are often required during "scrambled" on-line banking access, only US users have wireless on-line access potential, etc.etc. While many of these problems are now recognized by the developer who has slated them to be fixed in future versions, the question is WHEN, and also, which of the future versions will finally deliver a completely reliable program?

For my purposes, so far I find the program practically useless ...too much fooling around with too much unreliability to either risk my data or continue risking my time. I can only conclude that the writer of the recent review at Bargain PDA.com did not trial the program very thoroughly...if he/she had, they would have run into the roadblocks that I and many other users have run into over the past several months. True, the program looks better than Pocket Quicken's latest (vers.2.5), but "looks" aren't enough in a financial program. A high level of reliable functionality is essential.

I have used an earlier version of Pocket Quicken for many years without a hitch. The new version 2.5 was released a few days ago and I will trial it...hopefully Landware will have tested their beta versions thoroughly enough that Version 2.5 does what it claims to do in its advertising and owner's manual. If so, I will upgrade my old version.

I am a practically oriented "functional-use only" financial program customer...I have no interest in "fooling around with my Palm" for entertainment purposes, or working as an unpaid tech for software developers. I should add though, that Splashmoney's developers seem personable and demonstrate a prompt, clear commitment to customer support, though their resources appear overstretched in their effort to introduce a reliable desktop program integral to a Palmtop wireless banking capable version, witness their "market now, work out the problems later" approach to the development of Splashmoney 4. Regrettably they appear to encourage the Bargain PDA.com reviewer re the publication of the "glowing" review rather than to correct the review's apparent assumptions that all the features he/she describes in the review in fact currently work as readers are therein lead to believe(eg: "with the included desktop client, it can print reports that come in handy during tax seasons" as opposed to "it may some day be able to, as planned, print reports"). Hence, my own comments to the contrary.

I see Splashmoney as a program with future potential (a future I have invested in with my cash contribution), so I'll give Splashmoney a year or two to work out the kinks before I will invest any more time or money in the program. Meanwhile, I can only hope that Landware (Pocket Quicken) wasn't similarly budget constrained in their marketing/development approach to Version 2.5 and that I will find in it a reliable enhancement of their old product.


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Ultrasoft Money is still # 1

The_Voice_of_Reason @ 3/2/2005 12:58:15 AM # Q
Still the best after all these years...


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Direct Connect technology

Sjrixon @ 3/4/2005 5:53:22 AM # Q
How secure is Direct Connect technology? Any UK banks support it?



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Chase accounts

bestoverall @ 3/4/2005 1:23:08 PM # Q
I was albe to download the transaction info for Amex, Citibank MC and VISA, and Discover. But couldn't get Chase MC to work although Chase Manhattan is listed as a bank in the list.

Anyone had any success with Chase account at all?

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