Update: The Sprint Treo 755p Has Not Been Discontinued

Sprint LogoThe Sprint Treo 755p has not been discontinued and will continue to be offered by Sprint. A Sprint representative has confirmed to PalmInfocenter that the carrier has not discontinued the Treo 755p from its smartphone portfolio and says the 755p remains a "strong product offering" in Sprint's lineup.

The device is currently missing from Sprint's website, which along with a number of forum reports lead to rumors that the product had been discontinued. Sprint says they are addressing a temporary outage of inventory, which is why the Treo 755p is not being displayed online at this time. Sprint's rep also went on to state that they plan to continue offering Palm handsets and investing in new Palm products throughout 2008.

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hkklife @ 4/10/2008 5:13:57 PM # Q
According to a poster over at TreoCentral, a new silver version of the 755p targeted at the enterprise/biz market is forthcoming.

It would not be the worst idea ever if Palm were to try and put some distance between it and the Centro by refreshing the 755p with, say, a higher capacity standard battery and an updated software bundle (DTG 10 and/or PTunes Deluxe) or a Hotsync cradle in the box and calling it the 755px or 755p SE or something. It worked for the 700w(x) and the Palm V(x) and shouldn't require recertification by the FCC.

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RE: Whew!
jeffhoward001 @ 4/11/2008 12:42:53 PM # Q
It's funny... I've been a TX/flip-phone (using Bluetooth DUN for internet) user for a couple years. Love my TX and still use it for multimedia and reading big Office docs/Emails, but I was completely done with the lack of features in my flip-phone. I found a great deal on a Centro ($50 after rebates), which was roughly the same price I'd pay for a flip-phone upgrade so I though, what do I have to lose?

I love the Centro, honestly it's one of the best phone's I've ever owned. All my previously purchased PalmOS software works great on it, and even has some new phone-only features that didn't work on my TX.

The only downside is, now that I'm comfortable with the features of a PalmOS phone, the 755p is looking better and better... I used one at the Sprint store, and it really is just a bit better for business use compared to the Centro (Centro works fine, just the tiny screen/keyboard can get to you with big emails/docs).

Oh well, I like my Centro, but I'd tell hardcore business users to opt for the 755p of they do a ton of email/office documents.

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RE: Whew!
LiveFaith @ 4/14/2008 10:59:40 AM # Q

Yeah, the Centro really is nice execution by Palm. My son turned 16, and I got him the black one from ATT. That thing is sweet and suprisingly faster than my Treo. Outside the better cam, Micro SD, and smaller screen / KB, it's nearly identical in spec to my 680.

Still disappointed Palm has all but abandoned Palm OS power users. Sounds like Sprint may be getting the 800w this yr tho. Nice if your into Winmob.

Pat Horne

RE: Whew!
jsulmeyer @ 5/23/2008 3:38:30 AM # Q
According to my local Sprint store, the burgundy 755p has definitely been discontinued. Has there been any more info regarding this issue?

Also, other than the original mention back in April, there has been no word on the rumored "silver" 755p. Any new info on this?

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