Has the Sprint Treo 755p Been EOL'd?

Treo 755p SprintUnconfirmed reports are circulating that Sprint will no longer be offering the Treo 755p smartphone. Recent forum posts indicate that Sprint reps are now informing customers that the Treo 755p has been end of life'd. The device is also no longer showing up on Sprint's website. PalmInfocenter has a question in to both Sprint and Palm, but has not heard back from either as of this morning.

A number of Sprint business customers have reported in the TreoCentral forums that their account managers are telling people that the 755p is no longer available and customers should opt for the Centro. However there is also unconfirmed conflicting information that only the Red and Blue colors have been discontinued on Sprint, to be replaced by a new 755p refresh in silver.

Update: The Sprint Treo 755p Has Not Been Discontinued.

The Treo 755p debuted on Sprint in May 2007. The CDMA/EvDO powered device has 128 MB of RAM and a miniSD expansion slot. It also features the standard 320x320 display, full qwerty keyboard, Bluetooth and 1.3 megapixel camera.

Sprint's website is no longer listing the Treo 755p, yet much older devices such as the 700wx is still being offered. Palm's own online store continues to list the Sprint Treo 755p as available for $199 with a new contact.

Until we get an official reply, we'll have to chalk this one down as an unconfirmed rumor. We will file an update once we get a response. Update: The Sprint Treo 755p Has Not Been Discontinued.

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Discontinued 755P

Barksfan @ 4/10/2008 2:36:25 PM # Q
I sure hope that the only Palm based smart phone isn't the Centro - I consider that to be an entry level device (I think that most of the Centro adapters are new to samrtphones per palms statistics.) I have a 700P and was waiting for a replacement to the 755P as I didn't think the 755P was enough of a change over the 700 to acquire.
I'm not ready to go to Windows as I have a lot of programs already that are Palm based. Any rumours regarding a 755P replacement sometime this year?

RE: Discontinued 755P
AdamaDBrown @ 4/10/2008 3:16:32 PM # Q
Frankly, I do think that they're moving to just the Centro. Garnet can't handle the things that they need from it anymore in anything above a very low-end device. My guess is that they're going to string out the Centro, avoiding R&D to improve the return on investment, same way they've done with their handheld line. They're supposed to be targeting mid-2009 for the release of their new homebrew OS, so if that suceeds, they can replace Garnet with that; if not, they'll need to be moving to Windows Mobile entirely anyway.

I wouldn't expect to see another Garnet-based smartphone out of Palm.

RE: Discontinued 755P
hkklife @ 4/10/2008 4:00:47 PM # Q
Palm's looking to slash the product line down to nearly nothing, IMO, as they tighten their belt and try to coast through until Q2 '09 riding on the coattails of the Centro and the 800w (in GSM & CDMA flavors).

Here is a likely Palm lineup for the remainder of the year:

-Centro (Garnet)
-Treo 800w (WM 6.1)

-Centro (Garnet)
-Treo 750 (perhaps even with new production units having WM 6.1 pre-installed)
-Treo 800wg (or whatever they end up calling the "Drucker")
-Wanda (Treo 500v successor) for overseas markets. While unlikely, I would not totally rule out a quad-band version coming stateside as a quick interim device to keep Palm's name in the limelight, perhaps even branded as a "Windows Mobile Centro" just to have SOME kind of followup device to the POS Centro. Adama is right in that we'll neve see another Garnet-based device ever again.

The Treo 680 is definitely dead, as is the 700wx. If the 755p is indeed EOL then I see a gaping huge in Palm's CDMA lineup (traditionally their strongest segment, especially given their closeness with Sprint). I personally believe the 755p is history but Verizon and Alltel will likely keep it around at least through the summer. Palm really missed the boat by not coming up with a quick CDMA Treo 755w (320x320, WM 6.0) last year to replace the horribly aged 700wx design.

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