Treo 650 Voice Dialing Update

palmOne has released an update for their Voice Dialing application for the Treo 650 smartphone. The application allows users to voice dial their contacts.

Treo Voice Dialing uses "speaker independent" technology does not require samples of your speech in order to work. This means you can start voice dialing immediately without a lengthy setup.

The program will work for free for 14 days, then purchase the application from palmOne to continue using it. The program is only for the Treo 650. New updates include:

  • Improved recognition with large Contact lists
  • Improved audio playback quality
  • Reduced RAM requirements (execution space)
  • Recognition for new Contacts is now a background task

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Pay for a program fix?

budrowilson @ 5/6/2005 4:28:56 PM # Q
It's an "update" (from what I hear, "fix") that you have to pay for? What's up with that? Did voice dialing not come with the 650? (I don't own one)

RE: Pay for a program fix?
Luka @ 5/7/2005 4:05:28 AM # Q
Voice dialling isn't included with the Treo 650: it always had to be purchased/installed separately. I assume that registered users don't have to pay again ;-) It's confusing because PalmOne promote and sell this (third-party!) app... But not very difficult to understand...
RE: Pay for a program fix?
Toysoft @ 5/7/2005 12:44:04 PM # Q
You can also use Voice Dialer PRO from Voice It Tech. at

RE: Pay for a program fix?
Marshall Flinkman @ 5/7/2005 4:53:51 PM # Q
Luka's right--here it is from "If you have already purchased and registered your software, updating to a newer version does not require you to re-register the software."

In other words, the charge is to register the copy of the program, not for the update. Confusingly worded, perhaps, but standard practice.

RE: Pay for a program fix?
budrowilson @ 5/7/2005 8:53:02 PM # Q
Ok, thanks for the clarification everyone. It sounded a little odd to me, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the wording was a bit misleading (I thought I was just an idiot for not understanding that at least I know I'm an idiot for some other reason). :-)

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vesther @ 5/7/2005 1:00:15 AM # Q
Pay a registration fee just to continue using this Voice Dialing Update? That's blasphemy.

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RE: Ridiculous
voice of chaos @ 5/9/2005 8:31:46 AM # Q
Um, you pay if you don't have the feature. This was an add-on program that you bought. If you bought a previous version then you get this update for free.

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Palm Voice Dialing

mopcodes @ 5/7/2005 11:29:45 PM # Q
I tried the Palm voice dial demo. It did not work for me. I mean at all ever. I guess I'm not your average voiced person. Luckily you can try it before you buy - which is what I recommend. Maybe you have to be from a certain part of the country to get it to work you all. :-)

I ordered Sprint PCS voice command and it actually works fine. Although it costs $5.00/month. Ouch. The key thing is that it actually works!!

D. Martin
Former Amiga/Commodore Author/Writer/Reviewer

RE: Palm Voice Dialing
acidreflux @ 5/11/2005 10:53:45 AM # Q
I don't think the updates will help much. I used the program for the trial and it did not work that well. The digit dialing is free after the trial, and it works very well. The name recognition is not that great. The program has plenty of safeguards to compensate for errors. However, it still ended up dialing my electric utility office, instead of my friend, time and time again.

RE: Palm Voice Dialing
Otis @ 6/6/2005 5:26:22 AM # Q
Yep this software is useless to me and I have a hard time believing any voice dial will work with my 700+ contacts. More to the point, some of my valued contacts don't contain a voice number. Just an e-mail, web page or fax. In this respect, ANY Contact-linked software is ill conceived to me. I would have to both edit Contact name structure and reduce the number of contacts to even think this software would work. I would much prefer a program that would allow me to selectively import contacts I would like to have voice dial or “checkbox” a contact number to voice dial. Now were talking just <50 numbers to make me happy.

RE: Palm Voice Dialing
susieq @ 6/10/2005 11:25:25 PM # Q
I have tried this voice dialing. It seems to be able to dial by favorites OK but that is about it. I have many contacts and maybe I speak another language but it does not seem to understand what I am saying.
RE: Palm Voice Dialing
eskayeye @ 11/19/2005 12:03:23 PM # Q
I'm not quite sure why everyone is having so many problems with the Palm Voice Dialing software.. It works perfect for me. In the 3 weeks i've been using it now, I think i've had to repeat a contacts name once... Maybe I shouldn't have been chewing my food when I tried speaking my contacts name :P

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voice dial w/ bluetooth?

ohiobenz @ 2/7/2007 11:13:54 AM # Q
Does this work with my bluetooth headset???

I already have VoiceDialIt and it doesnt work with the headset, nor with any kind of ambient noise in the background....

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voice dialing over bluetooth on Treo not so smartphone

da5id @ 2/10/2007 12:28:21 PM # Q
I urge anyone who wants voice dialing over bluetooth to annoy both Palm and Voice Signal to implement this functionality and to remind them that it ads safety and is thus a potential liablility issue.

email: ;

Palm tech support in and email dated 02/02/07 says:
“Palm® did not manufacture the software for voice dialing. It is best for you to contact the software developer of this product to inquire about any future developments in including this feature”

Voice Dial tech support in and email dated 02/06/07 says:
“Voice Dial won't work in conjunction with the Treo phone UNTIL Palm fixes its software. You might need to contact Palm and find out about the timeframe.”

typical run-around isn't it?

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