Higher Capacity Centro Battery Now Available

As we mentioned last month when covering the availability of additional OEM batteries by Palm for the new Centro smartphone, one of the major drawbacks of that device's smaller physical size is reduced battery capacity. While heavy-duty Centro users are doubtless still eagerly awaiting a higher-capacity OEM size battery from Seidio, a new 2000mAh battery has just surprisingly been released by Sprint.

Available at the Sprint-Nextel online accessory store, the 2000mAh Extended battery appears to be considerably thicker than the stock Centro battery. The battery nearly doubles the juice provided by the stock 1150mAh battery and, at the same $49.99 as the 1150mAh Palm replacement battery, looks to be a better value for heavy-duty Centro users who can live with the added bulk and weight as well as a black battery door. Unfortunately, the purchase price of the battery does not include a new replacement door, so an additional $7.99 must be factored into the equation.

Centro BatteryOwners of white, pink, and red Centros are out of luck, as the larger replacement battery door is offered only in black at this time. Presumably, this battery will work just fine with the recently released unlocked and AT&T GSM versions of the Centro as well as the older Sprint CDMA version.

Sprint also does not provide any images on their website of the actual battery installed on the Centro, so the amount of increased thickness is unknown. The battery depicted in the photo mentions compatibility with the Trep 650, 700p, and 700wx which is clearly a mistake, as the Centro's battery contacts are located in a different are than those of the older Treos mentioned above. Potential purchasers can follow an ongoing discussion about this battery on the TreoCentral forums.

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