Spare Centro Battery Now Available from Palm

Centro BatteryAfter several months with announcement of a higher-capacity Centro battery on the horizon, Palm has stepped to the plate and finally offered up spare standard capacity Centro batteries on their webstore.

Carrying the same 1150mAh rating as the stock battery, this replacement is nevertheless a wise (albeit pricey) investment for Centro fans. The battery is available now for $49.99 and will presumably fit the rumored upcoming GSM Centro variant as well as the current Sprint CDMA version.

PIC's earlier coverage of the GSM Centro can be found here and here with the Sprint Centro reviewed here.

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That charger won't work with the Centro

reidme @ 1/30/2008 2:30:49 PM # Q
I don't think that charger you linked to is compatible with the Centro battery, and Palm doesn't offer one yet that is. There are some third party cradles with a battery slot though.

RE: That charger won't work with the Centro
Ryan @ 1/30/2008 2:32:20 PM # Q
You are correct, I will take that bit out. Thanks.

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