AT&T Palm Centro Now Available

AT&T Palm CentroPalm has made the Centro smartphone available on the AT&T network today. The AT&T Centro debuts in Glacier white with a green accented thumboard. It is available online now at and at AT&T retail stores for $99 with a 2-year service agreement and mail-in rebate. An "Obsidian" black version will be available in a month.

The AT&T Centro is a quad-band GSM/EDGE smartphone running Palm OS Garnet v5.4.9. It has a 320x320 pixel touchscreen display, Bluetooth v1.2, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with video capture and 64MB of memory. For memory expansion it has a microSD slot.

Read on for more details and a photo gallery of the AT&T Palm Centro.

AT&T Palm Centro

The Centro has dimensions of 4.22" (L) x 2.11" (W) x 0.73" (D) (107 x 54 x 18.5 mm) and weighs in at 4.2 oz (119g). Palm's imaginary battery life rating is 4 hours talk time with 300 hours standby. It has a 1150 mAh capacity.

In addition to the interesting choice of keyboard color, the AT&T Centro also packs in some unique new software features. It is the first Palm OS device to ship with out the box AT&T Push to Talk support. The Nextel like service enables you to share presence information and have walkie-talkie like communications with other AT&T push to talk subscribers.

Users can purchase unlimited Push to Talk minutes with Nation Plans for $9.99 a month for each line and with FamilyTalk for $19.99 a month for each group (two to five lines). Customers also can use Push to Talk on a pay-per-use basis for $0.15 a minute.

The GSM/AT&T version also includes the more modern and user friendly phone interface and home screen which first debuted on the Treo 680.

The AT&T Centro also includes a Instant Messaging application which supports the AOM AIM, Windows Messenger and Yahoo! IM services. This application treats individual IM's as sms text messages, so your standard messaging fee's will apply. The device also includes a built in voice dialing application powered by VoiceSignal and a link to download MobiTV.

AT&T also makes a number of additional subscription based services available on the Centro. XM Mobile provides 25 channels of commercial free streaming radio for $8.99/mo. TeleNav's GPS and navigation service is also available, but requires an additional Bluetooth GPS receiver. MusicID is another interesting service that aims to identify popular song's and artists via a quick recording. The service costs $3.99 a month and can currently identify over 3 million titles.

The Palm Centro from AT&T is available at all AT&T retail stores and online for $99.99 after a two-year service agreement and a mail-in rebate. Unlimited e-mail and data access is available for $30 a month with AT&T's PDA Personal data package with a corresponding voice plan. Messaging packages are available beginning at $5 for 200 text, picture, video or instant messages. Unlimited messaging is available for $20 for individual plans and $30 for FamilyTalk plans.

For more information about the AT&T Centro be sure to read our Centro review or visit for more details.

AT&T Centro Photo Gallery

AT&T Palm Centro
AT&T Centro retail box and packaging.

AT&T Palm Centro unboxing
AT&T Centro unboxed.

AT&T Centro
Frontal View with the default homescreen.

AT Centro rear view
Back view.

white Palm Centro
Glacial Centro on an angle.

SIM unlocked Palm Centro
Battery cavity and SIM tray.

AT&T Palm Centro keyboard
Green accented keyboard up close and personal.

GSM and CDMA Palm Centro
GSM Centro next to its CDMA cousin.

AT&T Palm Centro
Arctic Treo 680 side by side with the Glacial Centro.

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Google maps triangulation support?

TreoAnon @ 2/19/2008 2:17:15 AM # Q
Does this have the triangulation support for Google maps?
RE: Google maps triangulation support?
Ryan @ 2/19/2008 2:44:55 AM # Q
Google has not yet released a version of Google Maps mobile for Palm OS that incorporates the my location functionality. I did download the latest version on the att centro to confirm as well. However, I don't see why the third party alternative shouldn't work on this:

RE: Google maps triangulation support?
dvoulgaris @ 2/20/2008 2:04:16 PM # Q
Google Maps together with MyLocation:
(free subscription required) gets the job done. You need a GPRS data plan. Works fine. :)


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Unlocked black along with AT&T's?

Marshall Flinkman @ 2/19/2008 6:04:16 AM # Q
I wonder if Palm will release (in the US) the unlocked black one offered lately in Europe when AT&T gets the black one in a month...

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
SeldomVisitor @ 2/19/2008 6:32:06 AM # Q
> ...[Centro] offered lately in Europe...

There are posts in other locations that suggest the Centro "launch" in (at least some parts of) Europe was virtual rather than real. That is, something like "Coming Soon!".

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
Marshall Flinkman @ 2/19/2008 1:53:31 PM # Q
Yeah, I saw a link from TreoCentral to Expansys-HK that had it listed as available on 2/29 for $300. Then that had a link to Expansys' US page... that listed the price at $474.95, and that this was a white one--when it listed the available colors as "ruby, onyx and pink"...! LOL

All well and good... I want to place an order, though! One GSM Centro, in black (though I'm curious about any other color options), for ~$300, with a US warranty.

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
rpa @ 2/19/2008 6:44:12 PM # Q
I ordered one thru Expansys HK and they say it will be in white and ready at the end of the month. Their web page lists it as a CDMA phone but they confirmed it is GSM. Not sure if it comes with green keys as the photo on their web page is a black unit.

The photo side by side with the 680 is good....I was concerned the Centro might look like something from Fischer Price but it is similar in size to the 680 and looks good.

Palm Pilot >> Palm Tungsten E user

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
Marshall Flinkman @ 2/19/2008 9:35:47 PM # Q
Apparently someone's been copying & pasting without double-checking first--not only was it listed as CDMA, some screens had the available colors listed as "onyx, ruby and pink"...

No one's said yet just what the difference is between "onyx" and "obsidian" in Palm's color schemes... I figure that it's probably (at most) the same degree of difference as between Sprint's blue 755 and Verizon's aqua/teal one.

It's also not clear whether Expansys's units are white or if someone got that mixed up with AT&T's...

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
KDSer @ 2/22/2008 10:54:05 PM # Q
How much is the unlocked?

RE: Unlocked black along with AT&T's?
hkklife @ 2/22/2008 11:22:59 PM # Q
It appears that the "Obsidian" black version is a flat/matte black and "Onyx" is the "sparkly" black the Sprint version uses. Just a guess though.

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Is no rebate worth a wait?

SeldomVisitor @ 2/19/2008 6:55:52 AM # Q
Reading around the net it appears one has to have a fairly expensive plan to qualify for a rebate (with the ability to lower that plan's price/options after rebate received). Since the Sprint Centro went into No Rebate Required mode fairly quickly - like a couple weeks - do ya think the rebate on the AT&T Centro is just for the Early-Adopter crowd?

RE: Is no rebate worth a wait?
hkklife @ 2/19/2008 8:43:15 PM # Q
The Sprint Centro has been available in most areas of the country for ~$40 and ~$70 at Best Buy over the past few weeks. That simple pricing matter, combined with the huge advantage of the faster EVDO network and the usually superior CDMA coverage in most of the USA, makes the CDMA Centro a no-brainer in my book. Now, of course, some users who need a globe-hopping phone will have to go with a GSM Centro but in that case I'd argue that the larger-proportioned 680 is a wiser investment...

IMO, AT&T needs to drop the Centro's price down to $100 (or less) ASAP. That rebate tomfoolery isn't going to look so hot next to the superior network speeds & pricing of the Sprint version.

Now that we have seen the first, last, and only Garnet-based product of 2008, all that remains is to see if Verizon, Alltel, Telus, or T-Mobile will relase their versions of the Centro. Then we can finally start throwing dirt on the grave of Garnet while debating the merits of Windows Mobile 6.1 and making bombastic predictions about missed release dates for Nova!

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RE: Is no rebate worth a wait?
SeldomVisitor @ 2/20/2008 5:24:39 AM # Q
> ...making bombastic predictions about missed release dates for Nova!

Missed release dates? Ain't gonna happen.

Who can forget the Cobalt example - promise by end of year, deliver by end of year. Period.

Ready or not, here I come!


CDMA vs. GSM Centro comparison
hkklife @ 2/20/2008 10:37:08 AM # Q
CDMA (Sprint) Centro Pros:

-Fast EVDO connectivity
-Uncrippled PTunes Deluxe (allows streaming of internet radio stations)
-Potentially better coverage across most of the USA due to CDMA radio
-Wider availability/more competitive pricing (Best Buy etc)
-Three colors available
-May possibly receive more updates/support from Palm due to pressure from Sprint & large user base

CDMA (Spring) Centro Cons:

-Sprint customer support
-Potentially shorter battery life
-Lots of bloatware/trialware
-No standard voice dialing app built into the device

GSM (AT&T and unlocked) Centro Pros:
-Global functionality
-Little ridge on back of device elevates it slightly to prevent muffled speakerphone
-Available unlocked and potentially cheaper down the road than a CDMA Centro @ full retail price
-Standard voice dial app
-Possibly better battery life due to GSM/EDGE

GSM Centro Cons:
-Slow EDGE data speeds
-Crippled PTunes
-Only available in white
-Lots of bloatware/trialware
-More expensive with lesser availability (at the time of this post)

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RE: Is no rebate worth a wait?
hkklife @ 2/20/2008 4:18:01 PM # Q
Holy smokes, I forgot a potentially major (IMO) advantage for the GSM Centro: the improved phone app w/ larger onscreen buttons from the Treo 680!

Not to sound like I am beating a dead horse....but someone at Palm needs to be flogged over not integrating the improved phone app into the 755p & CDMA Centro! Those larger onscreen digits are nice to have, especially with the smaller screen! And I love the revamped GUI as well!

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4s @ 2/19/2008 9:15:11 AM # Q
I really like the look of the white green look. I'd easily swap my black one for this.

RE: White/Green
LiveFaith @ 2/19/2008 9:41:23 AM # Q

Are you being serious. I saw this on the leak Euro photo a couple of weeks ago and was sure it was a test unit. This is for real. I don't get it.

Pat Horne

RE: White/Green
4s @ 2/19/2008 10:31:11 AM # Q
Yeah. I'm being serious. I mean, I could do without the green, but I really like the white.

RE: White/Green
Ryan @ 2/19/2008 11:33:40 AM # Q
I don't think the green looks as "clashy bold" in person as it comes out in most pictures. I thought it was a pretty odd choice myself, however everyone I show it to seems to like it.

The number keys are essentially the same color as the green send button when lit up.

RE: White/Green
PacManFoo @ 2/19/2008 11:52:38 AM # Q
Palm's really coming up with quality color combinations. I bet they lead the field in color coordination. Did they hire the guy's from queer eye for the straight guy?

You go Palm

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RE: White/Green
LiveFaith @ 2/19/2008 10:22:53 PM # Q

Pat Horne
RE: White/Green
Valhala @ 2/21/2008 4:02:12 AM # Q
That is one fugly phone. If it smelled as bad as it looks people would bury or cremate it and put it out of it's misery.

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Poll: Will It Save Palm?

mikecane @ 2/19/2008 12:16:34 PM # Q
I know nothing about cell networks. GSM, HSwhatver.

I have no idea what this means for Palm. Centro bores me.

So, what's the consensus here? I know I've seen a lot of "Gimme GSM!!!" comments. So are those people going to get it?

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
SeldomVisitor @ 2/19/2008 2:24:49 PM # Q
> ...So are those people going to get it?

Might be!

Instead of the Treo they WERE going to get.

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
freakout @ 2/19/2008 3:33:00 PM # Q
^^ The previous Palm OS GSM Treo (the 680) came out over a year ago, SV. Those who wanted one have one by now. Doubt Centro is cannibalizing much here...
RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
DarthRepublican @ 2/19/2008 8:57:21 PM # Q
I'll probably get it if it comes to T-Mobile and costs $99 without me having to change my existing plan. But I already paid $350 for an unlocked Treo 680 less than six months ago and I'm not going to shell out a lot of money for an unlocked Centro anytime soon.

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
hkklife @ 2/19/2008 9:12:25 PM # Q
The CDMA carriers are the ones with the most to lose to cannibalization. Well, Sprint in particular, as they offer the 755p and the much cheaper Centro currently.

I think Verizon (and Alltel, Telus, and any other CDMA carrier) will pass on the Centro due to any number of factors (lack of compelling features, the dated Palm OS, their general disdain for Palm's products etc). I wouldn't be surprised to see T-Mobile pick up the Centro, just to have a cheap'n hot new product.

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RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
Doo @ 2/19/2008 9:33:03 PM # Q
I'll get a black one, or maybe blue if one comes out soon.

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
LiveFaith @ 2/19/2008 10:28:25 PM # Q
It's hard to believe what we settle for to keep using Palm OS. Hope spring eternal I guess.

Pat Horne
RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
mikecane @ 2/20/2008 8:38:21 AM # Q
>>>It's hard to believe what we settle for to keep using Palm OS. Hope spring eternal I guess.

At $99, the Centro isn't *bad*. It's just not ... exciting.

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
hkklife @ 2/20/2008 10:38:20 AM # Q
Well, Pat, I just went from my 3rd 700p to a 755p. And in that time I went from a 4gb SD 1.1 card to a 4gb SDHC card to a 4gb miniSDHC card! Talk about lateral upgrades, huh?

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RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
bhartman34 @ 2/27/2008 6:13:37 PM # Q
I have no idea whether or not it will save Palm. But I'll tell you this: I ordered one yesterday, as soon as my contract on my old phone expired. This will be my first smartphone, and I'm looking forward to it. I would never pay $200+ for a convergence device, but for $100, I'll give it a go.

The thing that sold me on it is I've already got boatloads of Palm software and a cradle that *should* fit the phone. (At least, I think it's the same connector...) Those are *huge* selling points for me. For me, this will be the most functional cell phone right from the starting gate, above all the others. For that, I'm willing to spend a little extra money and forego the free phone I was going to get.

The only thing that's going to be a little weird for me is not using Graffiti anymore. I suppose I'll get used to the keypad, though.

On a related topic, does anyone know if the Centro supports the Universal Wireless Keyboard?

RE: Poll: Will It Save Palm?
bhartman34 @ 2/28/2008 6:09:05 PM # Q
Just thought I'd let anyone know who didn't already: The Centro works perfectly fine with the Universal Wireless Keyboard. :)

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3.99/mo for music id?!

orev @ 2/19/2008 1:57:56 PM # Q
Are you kidding? Who is going to pay 3.99 a MONTH for the stupid service. It should be a per USE charge, not a monthly fee! AT&T is really smoking some crack there.

RE: 3.99/mo for music id?!
AdamaDBrown @ 2/20/2008 7:09:27 PM # Q
They offer it as pay-per-use too, at $1 per IDed song. Highway robbery, if you ask me.

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