PalmSource Announces Winners of Powered Up Awards

PalmSource today announced the winners of the Fall 2005 U.S. Powered Up Awards. The Fall 2005 U.S. Powered Up Awards recognize Palm OS developers who have created innovative software applications representing the best of breed in the Palm Powered Economy and take advantage of the advanced features of Palm Powered phones and mobile devices.

Fall 2005 U.S. Powered Up Awards have been awarded in five categories: Enterprise/Productivity; Wireless/Over-the-Air; Multimedia; Games/Entertainment and In-House/Custom (generally not commercially available). In addition, for the first time, the Powered Up Awards feature a monetary prize for the Best-In-Class grand prize and all category winners.

Selected from over 4,000 nominations submitted over a four-week period, the five Fall 2005 U.S. Powered Up Award winners were chosen by a panel of judges representing the award's sponsoring companies. Nominated applications were evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Innovation - Solutions that are truly unique and run on the latest Palm Powered devices;
  • Popularity - Solutions that lead the industry in sales and downloads;
  • Benefits - Solutions that enhance quality of life;
  • Ease-of-Use - Solutions that are simple, elegant and useful;
  • Support - Solutions that are regularly updated with readily available product support.

Winners of the Fall 2005 U.S. Powered Up Awards


SonicAdmin 4.1 from Avocent Corporation
SonicAdmin enables IT professionals to securely manage computer systems and network equipment from the palm of their hand, anytime, anywhere. Users can interface remotely with enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, NetIQ's AppManager and Calamp's TelAlert. SonicAdmin also enables users to perform critical IT functions such as resetting passwords, rebooting systems, stopping and restarting services, killing processes, reprogramming routers and firewalls and more.

As winner in the Best-In-Class category, Avocent receives USD $10,000; a smartphone or handheld of their choice from Palm; a Palm® Treo 650 from Cingular, and a co-marketing package valued at approximately USD $20,000.

Two applications tied for first place in this category:
FieldRanger wGPS from BlueTech LLC and GoodAccess from Good Technology, Inc.

FieldRanger wGPS
FieldRanger wGPS from BlueTech LLC, saves time and money, simplifies dispatching, and helps manage field-based employees and work orders. Customers remain connected to their mobile workforce without visiting job sites. While service technicians receive work orders, track time and capture signatures in the field, office-based employees and dispatchers can easily track field worker locations using the assisted Global Positioning System (GPS) integrated into mobile phones and cellular networks. FieldRanger shares data seamlessly with Intuit QuickBooks, the nation's number one selling accounting software package, reducing errors and time spent on data entry. FieldRanger allows customers to spend less time managing their jobs and employees and more time growing their businesses.

GoodAccess from Good Technology, Inc., securely mobilizes critical information kept in enterprise systems, improving the productivity and effectiveness of mobile professionals and extending the value of investments in enterprise applications.

As winners of the Enterprise/Productivity category, both BlueTech LLC and Good Technology will each receive two Palm Treo 650 smartphones from Palm and Cingular; USD $1,000, and a co-marketing package valued at approximately $20,000.


Pocket Express from Handmark
Handmark Pocket Express delivers news, weather, sports, stocks, directories, movies, maps and more to wireless handsets. The personalized Pocket Express experience is faster than mobile web surfing by orders of magnitude, and the intuitive PageOne interface serves up content with a fraction of the clicks required by mobile web browsing.

Handmark receives a Palm TX, from Palm; a Palm Treo 650 smartphone from Cingular; USD $1,000 and a co-marketing package valued at approximately $20,000.


Pocket Tunes from NormSoft, Inc.
Pocket Tunes turns Palm Powered devices into portable audio players. Pocket Tunes Deluxe, plays Internet radio, WMA and MP3 files, and supports online subscription music services, providing users access to millions of sounds.

NormSoft receives a Palm LifeDrive mobile manager, from Palm; a Palm Treo 650 smartphone from Cingular; USD $1,000 and a co-marketing package valued at approximately $20,000.


EDGE-Extreme Dungeon Game Experience from zanegames
Set in a dark medieval world of demons and dragons, elves and dwarves, rogues and wizards, good and evil…EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience) is an exciting "real-time" Role-Playing Game (RPG) with console-quality graphics and a deep storyline. Vibrant isometric imagery, rich sound, and smooth animation take handheld gaming to a new level.

As winner of this category, zanegames receives a Palm Tungsten E2 handheld from Palm; a Palm Treo 650 smartphone from Cingular; USD $1,000 and a co-marketing package valued at approximately $20,000.

In-House/Custom (not commercially available)

Palm Field Inventory by Medtronic, Inc.
Developed specifically for its field sales force, Medtronic's Palm Field Inventory is a Palm OS application designed to enable the Medtronic field sales force to view field inventory locally on a Palm Powered device. In addition to viewing the inventory, the application also enables the user to perform a number of tasks including search for a product throughout a region; record sales and create purchase orders; request product replenishment with specific delivery dates and times; transfer products and send questions directly to customer service.

"We believe these awards, the caliber of the applications nominated and the fact that a record 4,000 nominations were submitted, further demonstrate the continued strength, creativity and vibrancy of the PalmSource developer community," said Albert Chu, vice president of business development for PalmSource. "Palm OS developers continue to innovate at a rapid pace with increased diversity, making smart mobile device and phone applications more valuable by providing users with what is right for their needs, whether for business, communications, learning or entertainment. We, along with our co-sponsors are delighted to recognize the contributions of these developers and celebrate the value Palm OS developers offer the entire Palm Powered™ Economy."

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No TCPMP again.

legodude522 @ 12/19/2005 1:53:47 PM # Q
At least mmplayer didn't win the multimedia award this time!

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RE: No TCPMP again.
ackmondual @ 12/19/2005 2:32:36 PM # Q
My guess is that like other apps that don't get nominated/voted for, TCPMP just doesn't have enough "outside" exposure
RE: No TCPMP again.
WareW01f @ 12/19/2005 3:33:12 PM # Q
Imagine competing with a product that Palm ships in the ROM of some devices. (Ouch!) Most people still don't have a clue what TCPMP is yet. Give it time and some more UI bling and it'll be up there. In the meantime PocketTunes could learn a bit from the directory view in TCPMP. The filters are cute, but give me the option to just go and select a file! It may be fine for an SD, but you get a fair amount of MP3 on the LifeDrive and it's just a mess!
RE: No TCPMP again.
corecodec @ 12/19/2005 7:59:10 PM # Q;topicseen#msg14277

"An Open Letter to PalmSource"

First... I would like to thank the community who had tried to vote for TCPMP during the PalmSource Poweredup Awards, we at CoreCodec and the Developers of The Core Pocket Media Player value and thank you for your continued support.

We would like to point out some 'non-bitter' obvious things (or in this case not obvious) to PalmSource and why we think their PoweredUp Awards and the process for judging IS WAY BEHIND THE TIMES and note that their purchase by of ACCESS Co., Ltd, has not changed their way of thinking one bit.

- No Open Source Software is allowed
- PalmSource was to announce winners Dec 14 but pushed it to Dec 19th, why?
- The contest is built with one purpose in mind, push closed source products

I am 100% behind the fact that a business like PalmSource wants to push products to potentially generate revenue for their third party software vendors. The Poweredup Awards are a great way to do so, but the reality is that there is substantially better open source software then the current winners from this years awards and that these Open Source Projects could use the same amount of advertising and revenue that their closed source competitors have.

I am simply stating that "PalmSource might want to get with the times and truely adopt (or even recognize) Open Source in their process flow and let the Palm Community speak the truth on what is actually good software!"

There is a happy medium to be had... but to SNUB Open Source in general and to have been aquired by a company that openly embraces it and the freedom it brings... says nothing for this contest.. and the time to change has come, not today, but yesterday.

RE: No TCPMP again. The "Awards" are MEANINGLESS.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 12/20/2005 1:13:55 AM # Q
If these awards refuse to recognize the BEST apps (PERIOD) then they are a total waste of time.

TCPMP has done more for advancing PalmOS as potentially a useful multimedia environment than ANY other app, PERIOD. Palm should be throwing money at Picard and thanking him profusely for his incredible ongoing efforts. Instead, that traditional Palm attitude surfaces: "fcuk anyone who is a small developer".

Way to go, PalmSource. Idiots.


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RE: No TCPMP again.
WareW01f @ 12/20/2005 9:47:22 AM # Q
OK, a few points here. The first of which, from the results page there where "Over 4,000 nominations submitted" And rightfully so, if you are a developer, why not submit your own app? But with 8 winners, your odds are not so good out of the gate. The next little tidbit would be from under "Pocket Tunes MP3 Player 3.1.1" there is a little comment that states "Total Downloads: 113936" add to that the number of units (like my LifeDrive) sold with Pocket Tunes in the ROM.

Lets not be sour here. Again, how many people *know* that TCPMP exists? I use it, I show it to anyone I can, but I've found that unless I tell them, most people don't know about it. That and let's at least let it get to a 1.0 version before we start worrying about it competing folks! I'm sorry, but I still use PocketTunes for audio and TCPMP for video. There are a few simple things like playlist management that put don't exist in TCPMP.

Apples to apples folks, finish it, ship it, *then* worry about winning popularity contests.

RE: No TCPMP again.
sfgiant @ 12/20/2005 12:49:56 PM # Q
So a quick point. The powered up awards were for US companies right? I think TCPMP was a Hungarian project no?

RE: No TCPMP again.
hkklife @ 12/20/2005 3:32:58 PM # Q
Palm has made great strides over the past three years but they STILL need to improve the OOBE seeing as how the "average" Palm user never installs any 3rd party software. If they DO then they probably don't do much other than whatever they can pull off of the software CD palm throw into the box.

Palm needs to play up something along the lines of a guy squinting at the 1.5" LCD on his new digital camera. He pops the SD card out and into his Palm and suddenly gets a lovely full-screen image to look at. He then SPEEDILY (again, Palm, SPEEDILY--no screen redraws creeping along!) flips through a bunch of thumbnails and finds what he's looking for. Bonus: include some decent codec support in the box with "Media" (what you'll call TCPMP after you license/buy it from Picard) so that users can stick their SD cards in and look at the MPEG movies they just shot on the "big screen".

This is all doable under FrankenGarnet with MINIMAL $ expenditure and current hard/software. Everyone I know either has a digicam or is getting one this year for Christmas. If Kodak can sell scores of their little photviewer thingies at $100+ )(nothing more than a dumb SD reader with a 2.5" LCD) then that makes the TX & E2 look all the more compelling for the asking prices!

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RE: No TCPMP again.
joad @ 12/27/2005 8:29:22 PM # Q
Sad to say, but "TCPMP" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. "Pocket Tunes" is a name that gives me a pretty good idea what it does.

I love and use TCPMP and many other Open Source stuff wherever I can. However, there seems to be a certain "Geek Snobbery" that prevails when naming stuff and creating a GUI, TCPMP being a prime example.

If you want people to know about your product, don't name it a crazy 5-letter acronym then complain that "nobody knows about it". Call it something like "PDA Multiplayer," "SeeHear Player," "Audio/Video Buttloader" or anything people can get a visual image about WTF it does.

IMHO TCPMP has the potential to replace every multimedia application I have if it could license a few codecs and stream. But for now it's simply in the PDA Geek Ghetto, and I'm sure the commercial authors love it that way.

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No Win for ShrkMsg, Dag

twizza @ 12/19/2005 5:52:16 PM # Q
HOnestly, this program should have won it easily just on shear doing of it when it said that it wasnt able to be done. I know I voted a few times but its ok, Tyler did a great job.

Dmitry and Tyler should have gotten special awards because of age and skill in the face of these larger companies making apps.

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Giving cash to Open Source can be dificult

Tamog @ 12/21/2005 1:35:42 PM # Q

I fully understand all of you whio are angry that TCPMP didn't win, I am a bit angry too as it is an insanely well done player.

However, keep in mind that this is an opensource project and that giving cash can be a bit difficult here. But why post stuff here two times-find my full oppinion here:

Best regards
Tam Hanna

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