Patriot 16GB SDHC Cards Now Available

16gb SD cardBack in August we reported on the impending arrival of Toshiba’s 16GB SDHC cards to the market. Now according to Engadget, it looks like Patriot has beaten Toshiba to the punch. Patriot's 16GB SDHC card touts the highest Class 6 speed rating and is available now on Amazon Germany’s website for 279.99 Euros, equivalent to a whopping $393 USD. That high price is considerably more than the $350 price mentioned for the comparably sized Toshiba cards expected next month but is in line with the usual early adopter premium in the tech industry. Toshiba has also promised an enormous 32GB SDHC card to reportedly be available in January for twice the price of their 16GB card.

Despite being one of the smaller flash & DRAM companies, Patriot’s products have a solid track record. I’ve owned several sticks of Patriot DDR memory for desktop PCs along with two Patriot SD cards, including a non-spec 4GB SD 1.1 card. All have performed flawlessly so this is encouraging news that after a sluggish summer, flash memory prices are set to drop yet again amidst increasing capacities.

Since no 16GB SDHC cards have actually hit the retail channels, no firsthand reports have emerged on these cards’ compatibility with Palm’s devices bearing fullsizes SDHC slots. Palm’s Treo 680 ships with native SDHC support while the updated Sprint and Verizon ROM 1.10 versions of the Treo 700p are verified by Palm to work with 4GB SDHC cards. I can report from personal experience than on all of the above Treos, 8GB SDHC cards do work but are recognized as two separate 4GB volumes due to the limitations of the Palm OS. So there’s no word as yet if the Palm OS Garnet file system will even be able to recognize such high-capacity cards, and if so, if the card’s entire storage capacity can be utilized.

While being architecturally similar to the Treo 700p, Palm’s Windows Mobile-based CDMA Treos, the 700w and wx, are only compatible with standard SD cards up to 2GB, according to Palm. SDHC cards up to 4GB in size unofficially work in these Treos via a hack found here but 8GB SDHC cards are not recognized at all by Windows Mobile on these devices, making for one surprising win for the aging Palm OS against comparable Windows Mobile-equipped models.

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missed opportunity...

joad @ 9/20/2007 5:09:10 PM # Q
Yup, here they come, prices should drop down pretty quickly. Nice to know that we're stuck with MiniSD on the "newer" Palm models, making this announcement just another bummer for people who would like the option of getting above 4GB on their non-SD devices.

Maybe the next Palm devices will go xD just to make sure we have to throw out all our flash memory each "new" Palm model...

**Another vote for a >100MB RAM Treo**

RE: missed opportunity...
hkklife @ 9/20/2007 5:33:30 PM # Q

I don'k know if you remember or not, but I predicted back in, oh, March or so that by Christmas we'd have $50 or less 8GB SDHC cards and $120 16GB SDHC cards.

Well, I'm not so sure about the $120 16 giggers but we're already at <$60 8GB cards.

At any rate, I have a feeling we'll see affordable 16GB SDHC cards before we'll even SEE 8gb mini or microSDHC cards. Way to go, Palm! You guys know how to pick formats! Remember, Palm's opinion, any change at all, even if it's a negative one, is still good because it gives you something to tout as a "new" feature!

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About price

Alfa @ 9/20/2007 5:55:32 PM # Q
Here in Europe price of electronic equipment are more expensive than in USA: we have around 20% VAT, minimum 2 year warranty and maybe other taxes... :-(
In this period most companies use the unofficial conversion 1 euro=1 dollar (see iPod for example: same model is 199 dollars in USA and 199 euro in Europe, same with PS3, Xbox360 etc.).
So probably this new card will be around 280 dollars in USA but absolutely not 393!!!

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16GB SDHC cards now appearing in US e-tailers

hkklife @ 9/21/2007 8:28:15 PM # Q

E-Cost (some bad reports out there about them but I've orderd 2x without incident from them) is listing a Patriot 16gb SDHC card for $179.99 - $20 MIR. Not in stock now but with an effective price of ~$160ish, that's not too terribly bad. And they'll only come down as the holidays approach and supply picks up!

I am STILL surprised at how few PCs/card reader drives/printers tout SDHC compliance. Why is the industry dragging their feet so?

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16GB SDHC Available Now at Newegg

d1hamby @ 10/8/2007 6:48:44 AM # Q
I first posted this over at TreoCentral; I just found out that the 16 GB SDHC Class 6 card by Patriot is for sale at Newegg for $154.99 plus $4.99 Shipping. It was only available for a short time though on 10-04-07. Now the link says that ETA is 10-19-07.

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