Treo 755p Launched in Canada

Crystal Canadian TreoPalm Canada and TELUS today announced the exclusive availability of the Palm Treo 755p smartphone in Canada. The CDMA Treo 755p offers TELUS Mobile Email, providing consumer and business clients with automatic updates to their email, calendar, contacts and task information; Google Maps for mobile; as well as the latest Treo design with integrated antenna, slimmer form factor and miniSD slot.

Telus Treo 755p"In today's fast-paced business environment, Treo smartphones have become a crucial productivity tool for mobile professionals who need quick access to advanced applications in a device that packs a computing-power punch," said Michael Moskowitz, vice president, Americas International, Palm, Inc. "The slimmer Treo 755p is a stylish, must-have device ideal for business professionals looking to manage a variety of communications and information while on the go."

The Palm Treo 755p is available exclusively through TELUS retail locations across Canada and online at for $229.99 CAD on a three-year contract subject to promotional requirements or $549.99 without a contract.

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