Verizon Treo 755p Release Imminent?

Rumor: Treo fans on the Verizon Wireless network that didnít get their fill of playing the waiting game over the 700p Maintenance Release have occupied the summer months by awaiting the Treo 755p. While Palmís newest CDMA Treo has been available to Sprint users since May, Verizonís version is still a no-show despite frequent reports (confirmed by this author) that the 700p is suffering from scarce availability system-wide on Verizon.

Verizon Treo 755pThe Verizon 755p was initially rumored to be launched shortly after Sprintís version but was then supposedly delayed until July 4th and then again until September.

Now the latest gossip out of the online rumor mill follows last weekís appearance of a legit-looking 755p bearing Verizon branding is that the showroom mock-up units for certain Verizon regions are in stock. Additional reports claim that Verizon employees have completed training on the device. Leaked screenshots from Verizonís internal inventory system and their training emulator program appear to back up these latest reports, so a release date within the next month is looking like a distinct possibility.


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Undeniable Proof

LiveFaith @ 8/1/2007 11:38:20 PM # Q
Young man at Circuit City VZW storein Chattanooga today told me that "no 755 was on the way", and that "It will have a different #". "It will arrive in Q4 and be much different" he said.
Well, throw out the pix boys bc it appears that it's now settled. :-D

Pat Horne
RE: Undeniable Proof
trowe99 @ 8/2/2007 9:35:00 AM # Q
Actually, I think he was confusing it with the release of the new XBox 361.

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Here's to hoping!

JRAD @ 8/3/2007 10:20:45 PM # Q
I guess it is something worth hanging onto for a couple of days. Not much cred for CC kids since they hardly know their palm from... well their palm!

hoping, hoping, hoping!

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