TealPoint Announces Palm Foleo Software

TealPoint Software, a long time Palm OS developer, has announced it will offer Palm Foleo customers a full suite of new security, entertainment and productivity applications, including TealSafe, TealPaint, TealDiet, SudokuAddict and ShortCircuit, with more applications to follow.

Foleo Software"With quality software support, the Foleo has the capability of revolutionizing the world of mobile computing," said Holly Egan, director of business operations for TealPoint Software. "As a leading developer of mobile applications, we can leverage our experience to best take advantage of the Foleo's open platform. Combining Palm's easy-to-use tools and our own unique proprietary software technology, we've been able to bring five full applications to the Foleo in only a few weeks. Moving forward, we plan to bring more applications to the Foleo -- new original titles as well as enhanced versions of our existing award-winning 28 applications for Palm OS."

TealPoint Software Applications

-- TealSafe, an encrypted data program, stores, saves and organizes passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information in a password-protected, secure and encrypted mobile database.

-- TealPaint, a full-featured drawing program and photo editor, supports a wealth of drawing tools and image-manipulation functions previously available only on a desktop.

-- TealDiet, a personal diet, exercise and health tracker, keeps daily logs of food intake, nutrients, exercise and measurements, and includes personal guides and recommendations for healthier living.

-- SudokuAddict brings Sudoku, the worldwide puzzle phenomenon to the Foleo. With helpful hints and an intuitive interface, SudokuAddict creates a slick experience worthy of the new Foleo mobile companion.

-- ShortCircuit, a new puzzle action game, fuses familiar gameplay elements into an addictive original experience. Players connect falling conduit pieces into explosive loops of energy in a frantic race against the clock.

Foleo Software TealPoint Software

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t3h @ 7/23/2007 8:03:13 PM # Q
So how well does the Folio work in TealPaint without a touchscreen? Sounds like fun...

Palm TX + 1GB SD + Motorola v3x = awesomeness
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linds @ 7/23/2007 8:40:13 PM # Q
If more and more developers jump on board this will make the foleo not look so fooleo.

RE: Sweet!!!
SeldomVisitor @ 7/24/2007 5:58:33 AM # Q
Yes, there could exist 45,790 applications for the Fooleo just like the Palm platform!

At $10+ each or so, right?

And working like this: http://www.palminfocenter.com/comments/8845/#135416

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Tealpoint software?

Gazpacho @ 7/23/2007 9:25:26 PM # Q
Hmm... never been a big fan of Tealpoint. Nice software in theory, ugly execution. But maybe that's just what the Foleo needs: some software that works, without bells or whistles. :)


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