Palm Foleo

Palm Foleo The Palm Foleo is a new mobile computing product from Palm Inc. The Foleo has a large 10.4" screen and full-size keyboard with which to view and edit email and office documents residing on a smartphone. Edits made on Foleo automatically are reflected on its paired smartphone and vice versa. The device stays in sync via a bluetooth connection and it also includes a built-in Wi-Fi radio for general Internet connectivity.

Key Capabilities of the Foleo Mobile Companion:

The Foleo was announced by Palm Founder Jeff Hawkins on May 30, 2007. It will be available later this summer for $499 USD. (see below)

Palm Cancels the Foleo
The original Foleo was cancelled by Palm in September 2007. Company executives say they will eventually release an improved version at some point in the future based on Palm's next generation Linux Platform.

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