ACCESS Loses Graffiti Wireless Trademark Lawsuit

Cellphone manufacturer Hop-On Inc today announced that they have won their motion against PalmSource (aka ACCESS Systems America) for use of the trademark "Graffiti Wireless". The decision by the United States Patent and Trademark Trial and Appeals Board ruled that the lawsuit filed last year by PalmSource unlawfully prevented Hop-On from using their approved trademark and has resulted in "undisclosed damages".

Said Hop-On's attorney, Christopher Clark: "The requirements for service of any federal lawsuit were not appropriately met by the plaintiff..." In their press release, Hop-On said the decision meant the company had "finally been vindicated by the courts as being victimized by simple violation of basic court processes". Palmsource was not available for comment. You can read the press release from Hop-On here.

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Senseless Anyway

LiveFaith @ 7/19/2007 4:23:56 PM # Q
The suit against them made about as much sense as suing the makers of American Graffiti for their movie. Different techs here anyway.

Pat Horne
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