Treo 650 Gets Price Cuts

Palm and Cingular have lowed the retail price of the Treo 650 smartphone. The 650 can now be purchased from Cingular for $199 with a two-year service agreement.

The unlocked GSM version has been reduced by $100 to $549 for the unsubsidized model. This is the first price drop on the unlocked model in over a year.

Sprint is currently offering the Treo 650 at $299 depending on the service contract. Verizon also still carries the 650 beginning at $249. Both carriers also carry the Treo 700p.

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Inventory blowout

Foo Fighter @ 10/3/2006 2:11:26 PM # Q
Hopefully this is a clue the Treo 680 is coming sometime later this month, or better still the 750v. Cingular still hasn't even managed to launch its own PDA hottie yet, the 8525. Unless of course Vodaphone's contact with Palm is a worldwide exclusive, in which case we could be in for one hell of a long wait.


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RE: Inventory blowout
hkklife @ 10/3/2006 2:46:37 PM # Q
Has anyone heard any semi-reliable rumors as to what the 680's unlocked price is going to be?

If Palm SOMEHOW (unlikely) manages to pull off selling an unlocked GSM Treo for $250-$300ish it'll be a huge home run.

Imagine buying a Treo 680 that beats the T|E2 in all specs other than screen size for just $100 or so more. That might be the catalyst to get some PDA diehards to upgrade.

It'd never fly with the big CDMA carriers but in the GSM world Palm could still pull off such a feat.

If Palm simply takes the 650, fixes/tweaks FrankenGarnet some more, adds some usable RAM and improves the form factor slightly and can still sell it for a low price...that in some ways makes it the best of the whole lot of Treos.

Since all Treos have the same inherent basic compromises/limitations so I'd be more likely to live with bad battery life, poor voice quality & reception etc in a $250 680 than in a $600 700P

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RE: Inventory blowout
SeldomVisitor @ 10/3/2006 3:11:44 PM # Q
The "sweet spot" of cellphone pricing is $100.

THAT'S the price to blow out the doors.

The Pearl, for example, is now available for $50...

RE: Inventory blowout
zadzagy @ 10/3/2006 4:00:10 PM # Q
Has anone been able to Verizon to sell them 650's? We tried several months ago, and the local reps couldn't get their hands on any. Yet there they are still listed on their inventory site....

RE: Inventory blowout
AdamaDBrown @ 10/3/2006 5:02:07 PM # Q
Unless of course Vodaphone's contact with Palm is a worldwide exclusive, in which case we could be in for one hell of a long wait.

I doubt it, we've been hearing mid-October for quite awhile now. Although I expect that may slip a bit, smartphone release dates always do.

RE: Inventory blowout
hkklife @ 10/4/2006 9:33:04 AM # Q
For "sweet spot pricing" I am speaking ONLY to unlocked, non-contract signing pricing. Cellular cash'n carry, if you will.

Contracts are bollocks and not a fair representation of an item's actual MSRP or selling price in the marketplace.

No one is selling unlocked, contract-free smartphones (yet) for $100, even in Europe. That's why $250 would still be a good price point for Palm. If the T|E2 "unconnected" PDA is $200 then a Treo with better specs for a few bucks would make more sense for some even if the user doesn't carry a data plan with it!

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680 has to be coming soon.

Storkdude @ 10/3/2006 9:07:13 PM # Q
Please, please--have the bugs worked out. It's been a while since the 600 was released and there is no excuse for random resets when this model is assembled from Palm's parts bin.
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Cheap Treo? I don't think you would want it!!!!

theog @ 10/4/2006 4:08:20 AM # Q
If they come up with something that cheap, $250, there will be something seriously wrong with it... watch what I say... maybe they will make the screen smaller or something :-) or less memory :-) Something will piss you off...

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RE: Cheap Treo? I don't think you would want it!!!!
Tamog @ 10/4/2006 7:25:54 AM # Q
that would be the logical move for Palm.

But they recently did a few good jobs...when you kick their ass hard, they usually get innovative. TX was a solid box afaik, TE2 is good too - and their Treo ass is burning too..

Overall, it could be entirely possible that the 680 is great. But since my Treo 600 is almost dead, the class action suit still takes some time to get through(I'll send it in for sure if just for the cheeky customer care ****er) and GSPDA stuff is hard to get - I'll be first to find out!

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