Documents To Go Version 9 Details

DataViz has posted some details about the next version of Documents To Go for Palm OS. Docs To Go v9 will offer a new file explorer, native Powerpoint editing as well as enhanced versions of its core apps Word and Sheet To Go. The company is also offering free upgrades to v9 for all customers who place orders for the current version leading up to the release.

DataViz is not saying when version 9 will be available, but promises a release before the end of the year.

The new features the company has revealed so far include:

  • File explorer Fast and easy access to your files
  • InTact Technology Now edit and e-mail your files Natively with no loss of formatting
  • Enhanced Word To Go View table of contents; view and edit footnotes, endnotes, comments and text boxes
  • Enhanced Sheet To Go Support for XY scatter plot charting and additional cell formatting
  • Enhanced Slideshow To Go Now edit PowerPoint files Natively
  • PDF To Go - optimized for improved speed

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Does not sound like a version update to me

rc46 @ 10/4/2006 5:32:00 PM # Q
I'm sick of DTG and there crappy little updates and then they call it a new version so everyone has to pay up again. What gives? I have fallen for this game since version 1. This update should be free and it should be called 8.1. I'm done. 9.0 will not do anything that 8.0 cant do for me.

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RE: Does not sound like a version update to me
Haber @ 10/4/2006 6:55:23 PM # Q
I still am using DTG 4 on my Palm Vx. Spellcheck would be nice, but not spending big bucks to get DTG 6, the latest version my unit can run.

RE: Does not sound like a version update to me
T. @ 10/4/2006 8:57:06 PM # Q
I am using version 8.003 and it sounds like added functionality to me. Isn't that the criteria to determine a version step?

RE: Does not sound like a version update to me
joad @ 10/5/2006 1:54:58 AM # Q
No, the criteria is how far they can push it. If people keep buying "upgrades" then these developers will keep gouging us.

So the Treo 700p shipped with version 8.01 a slight few months ago,they got enough bugs out of it to merit an 8.003... now they're off to version "9" (and likely the "old" one won't be improved or even supported anymore...). Palm hasn't even released a firmware fix for the 700p to get it up to 8.003 and apparently the program is already obsolete!

If they'd figure out a way to keep honestly supporting the recent version 7 and 8 "upgrade" while still gilding the lily up to a version "9" for those who really care about editing Powerpoint then I'd call this honest.

But this smells like Iambic - they get their releases stable enough to work on a device, then add a few obscure features and call it an "upgrade." As soon as the "upgrade" is released - the old (stable) version is shunted aside and not supported anymore - A.K.A. "we only support the current version."

I wish Blue Nomad would fix up Wordsmith - best editor ever produced for the Palm.

RE: Does not sound like a version update to me
Timothy Rapson @ 10/5/2006 7:13:45 AM # Q
I miss WordSmith too. If they would have just added native file format to WordSmith it would still be competitive. It was so quick and stable.
As for myself, I don't mind if a company wants to make money when they go to the effort of sending out a new version, even if it only has one or two new features. Especially since almost every POS PDA ships with DTG for free.
The reason I have not used DTG is that it didn't work right on my Zire 71 and neither version I tried worked right on my Zire 72. Crashed or locked up 1 in 5 times I opened it. Unacceptable.

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Auto recalculations/refresh slow down Excel sheets.

VampireLestat @ 10/5/2006 2:13:53 AM # Q
Why does Doc2Go Excel recalculate all my functions everytime I enter new data? It slows the program down a lot. Excel on WM doesn't do that.

Any ideas on how to fix that? Is it still like that in version 9?

RE: Auto recalculations/refresh slow down Excel sheets.
fgs @ 10/5/2006 3:05:10 AM # Q
In the 'Sheet' menu of SheetToGo tap on 'Preferences' and uncheck the 'Automatic recalc' box.
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Smart Quotes?

Adif @ 10/7/2006 11:52:58 PM # Q
What would it take for them to add smart quote functionality to Word to Go? I'm sick of having to type in a keyboard macro every time I want to enter a single or double quote. It can't be that hard!

RE: Smart Quotes?
jburdine @ 10/8/2006 1:21:20 AM # Q

I've found it useful to set-up shortcuts for symbols like smart quotes. I also use shortcuts for (), =, <>, !, ?, and smart quotes.

The trick is to make the shortcut only one letter long. That way there are only two keystrokes or graffiti strokes. In the case of the parenthesis, I write "shortcut" + q.


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