iPhony Launcher for Palm OS

iPhony - Palm OSMo from SimToGo has released a small iPhone like launcher utility for Palm OS devices called iPhony. Mo writes, "Of course it is just for fun (Launcher app) and it is not completly done yet but the way I see it is that I have until June 2007 to finish the application! Of course it is FREE so enjoy!."

iPhony is a very basic launcher, you can assign any of the onscreen buttons to a Palm OS program and also navigate the icons using the 5-way. Right now it only supports 320x320 pixel screens.

iPhony is no longer available due to a legal complaint from Apple Inc. However, a similar application with many more features has been released called TouchLauncher.

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IPhony before the real IPhone

philpalm @ 1/13/2007 4:01:58 PM # Q
Press the Iphony in the article go to brighthand and download the program there(the other tabbed site is his other programs that he wrote.
It is a short but functional idea program for palm. So yes this will have to tide potential IPhone users until june....

RE: IPhony before the real IPhone
legodude522 @ 1/13/2007 6:34:26 PM # Q
There is also a thread at 1src that links to TC.


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RE: IPhony before the real IPhone
twrock @ 1/13/2007 8:18:18 PM # Q
That's fun. Apple does do especially well with eye-candy. I blew off some time yesterday starting to make a iPhone iconset for ZLauncher. Copy/pasting their icons is the easy part. Making original icons for the stuff that's missing for the rest of Palm's included apps is a bit harder. I suppose it'd be easy for someone who actually knows how to use a drawing program and has some creative ability (which is not me).

I'm still waiting for the mythical color HandEra.
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joad @ 1/13/2007 5:11:36 PM # Q
LOL, I love it. Now I can just glue an 8GB SDHC card inside, find a wifi cradle and it's an iPhone!

RE: Great!
t3h @ 1/13/2007 8:00:54 PM # Q
Oh, and replace Blazer with Safari...

Palm TX + 1GB SD + Motorola v3x = awesomeness
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Apple KNOWS how to use viral marketing, eh?

SeldomVisitor @ 1/14/2007 6:33:23 AM # Q

RE: Apple KNOWS how to use viral marketing, eh?
stonemirror @ 1/14/2007 11:04:17 AM # Q
Sure they do.

They call their lawyers.

See http://www.paulobrien.net/node/62

RE: Apple KNOWS how to use viral marketing, eh?
Ryan @ 1/14/2007 1:06:02 PM # Q
anyone want to take bets on this article/app getting nasty-grammed?
RE: Apple KNOWS how to use viral marketing, eh?
stonemirror @ 1/14/2007 3:13:06 PM # Q
Heh. No.

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PALM simply canot compete with this

SeldomVisitor @ 1/14/2007 8:24:49 AM # Q
RE: PALM simply canot compete with this
larock @ 1/14/2007 10:56:42 AM # Q
That's funny right there.
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Grab it NOW!!

mikecane @ 1/14/2007 1:34:42 PM # Q
Palm Users: Grab iPhoney NOW!


Yeah, typoed it. Can't change the link now...

iPhony is now illegal?!!?
mikecane @ 1/15/2007 8:00:17 PM # Q
RE: Grab it NOW!!
SeldomVisitor @ 1/16/2007 6:14:30 AM # Q
There is a lawyerly-significant difference between a criminal situation and a civil situation.

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Mka0123 @ 1/31/2007 2:05:56 PM # Q
Here's the iPhone skin for Motorola:
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hey guys question.....

bigrhad28 @ 8/8/2007 1:13:09 AM # Q
i have the iphony skin.... but i want to know if it was possible to upgrade to the .02 version???? i like the feature it has but i also would like to know how i could make it a default screen because after i click on a icon and try to go back i have to go back to where i phony is and re-do it again.... any help will do wonders....

RE: hey guys question.....
twrock @ 8/8/2007 2:44:13 AM # Q
rad, sorry, but not being an iPhony user, I won't be much help in resolving your problem. Maybe someone else can.

However, if you can't get it resolved, and if you are looking for an alternative, you can try the "xPhone" ZLauncher skin: http://www.1src.com/freeware/fileinfo.php?id=1672
Although not it's not a "perfect copy", you can make it look quite close to what you see on an iPhone with the options in ZLauncher.

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