Treo 680 Dissection Photos

Pictures of the disassembled circuitry of the inside of the Palm Treo 680 have been posted as part of the FCC approval process. Read on for the full Treo 680 guts image gallery.

Treo 680 guts
Getting ready for surgery.

Treo 680 guts
Back cover and speaker grill removed.

Treo 680 guts
Inside exposing the main board.

Treo 68 gutsTreo 680 guts
Close ups of the circuit boards (click for larger).

Treo 680 guts

Photos courtesy of the FCC.

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LiveFaith @ 1/31/2007 5:50:25 PM # Q
Boy, the SD takes up several counties on that state map. No wonder the micro slots are coming in the future. Surprised to see the board take up the entire size of the device too.
Thanks for the interesting photos.

Pat Horne
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newpalmguy @ 1/31/2007 8:45:38 PM # Q
how do u get them in different colors?

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legodude522 @ 2/1/2007 12:15:19 PM # Q

Palm m125 > Palm Zire 71 > Tapwave Zodiac 1 > Palm Zire 72 > Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 + 4gb MicroDrive + Palm Tungsten T|3 (1100mah)
My T|3 is too [i]sexy[/i] for me.
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Free Treo 600 Take Apart Video

Gethightech @ 2/2/2007 11:23:32 AM # Q
Hey Ryan,

I sent you an email a while back when we posted the complete take apart free video on our webpage at:


RE: Free Treo 600 Take Apart Video
SeldomVisitor @ 2/2/2007 12:15:42 PM # Q
YouTube has its uses...

RE: Free Treo 600 Take Apart Video
mhollis @ 2/5/2007 10:04:17 AM # Q

I looked at your T|X takeapart video and would offer a "complaint" that you probably needed a bit better lighting—else a litle adjustment in the gamma setting to see a tad better. I made the gamma adjustment and found the result quite visible.

I have saved your T|X take apart video for when my screen either dies or is so scored by the stylus that it's useless. Also I'll look you up when my battery needs replacement.

Gods don't kill people, people with gods kill people.
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areyouwishing @ 2/9/2007 8:41:48 PM # Q
No wonder the treo is so darn big, look at all that wasted PCB!

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