Palm's Executive Lineup Disbands Further

Palm Pre dissasembly photos After months of stories about the exodus of Palm's executive personnel leaving before, after and during the run up to the HP buyout comes the mass exodus at Palm continues. TechCrunch is the latest to report on the latest series of passages, stating that primary Pre designer and 11 year vet Peter Skillman (VP of Design) has left the company.

Skillman coincidentally joins two other fleeing VP's from Ruby's hand picked team reported this week, Katie Mitic (VP of Marketing) and Jeff Zwerner (VP of Brand Design). The latest departures leave a lot of empty seats in the Palm VP bench, with only former CEO Jon Rubinstein and CTO Mitch Allen remaining. So many have left in such a short time that Palm has even removed its longstanding management bio page.

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LupinTheThird @ 8/10/2010 10:22:31 AM # Q
Skillman was/is a visionary and will be an asset wherever he goes next.

I'm pretty sure all of the talent at Palm is now gone, and they will now sink into the morass of HP's non-innovation.

I don't see any significant competition to the iPhone anywhere in the near future. If iPhone comes out on Verizon next year, Android may be toast in the US.

RE: Farewell
linds @ 8/10/2010 12:56:34 PM # Q
How can you say Android is toast if Iphone comes out with Verizon, I personally believe by the time Iphone comes out on Verizon, android will have it claws in deep enough to to remain a very real contender. In fact I would say that Iphone has pretty much saturated the AT&T market, so that it if it wants to grow it needs to move to another network.

Oh well, I guess it really doesn't matter, I just know that competition creates innovation and the lack there of does the opposite.

RE: Farewell
LiveFaith @ 8/10/2010 1:09:44 PM # Q
** they will now sink into the morass of HP's non-innovation. **

This has been my fear from day 1 of the buyout. HP seems to have deep pockets but a deep bureaucracy too. Palm never made it's impact based on such roots.

The more and more the visionaries leave, the less confident I am that Palm innovation will trickle through. I keep thinking that their talents are no longer needed or welcome. I hope they gutted the marketing department utterly. But, the engineering and product development groups installed by Rubie highly impressed me. After the 2004-2008 debacle, they made a miraculous recovery that maybe could have sustained with proper marketing. Every detail had to be perfect to make it, but it was not.

Device wise, Palm made the mistake of shooting too low in the market with the Pre. A "freeish" Pixi and a larger screened Pre at a significantly higher premium would have differentiated better. They had no room for error, but did pretty amazing with the time / resources they had IMO.

While I'm very excited about the advent of WebOS 2.0 and new device(s) running it this fall, from the next cycle forward I have my doubts.
Pat Horne

RE: Farewell
Gekko @ 8/10/2010 2:25:49 PM # Q

Reverend - congratulations on your recent decision to buy into a dead platform. brilliant.

perhaps you can dust off your old liturgical vestments and do the honors of performing the last rites over the corpse?

RE: Farewell
LiveFaith @ 8/10/2010 5:53:26 PM # Q
You forgot one thing tho ... I believe in the resurrection.
Pat Horne
RE: Farewell
linds @ 8/11/2010 7:19:08 AM # Q
Thanks for your positive attitude!
RE: Farewell
jca666us @ 8/14/2010 7:36:36 AM # M Q
> I believe in the resurrection

Resurrected garbage is still garbage.

RE: Farewell
atrizzah @ 8/15/2010 6:22:11 PM # Q
It's pretty ridiculous to say that iPhone on Verizon would mean the death of Android. Right now, it's Apple that's in trouble. Android is drowning them in an avalanche of products. There's an Android phone for everyone. Apple is painting themselves into a corner of the market, just like they did in the PC market.

It used to be that every cutting edge friend of mine had the iPhone. Just yesterday, I saw three long lost friends, and they all had the original Droid. Times are changing.
Peace Out

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