Verizon and AT&T webOS 1.4.5 Rollout Begins

webos updates Arriving in a very timely fashion after last week's promise of "soon", the long-awaited WebOS 1.4.5 updates are rolling out as of today for both Verizon and AT&T Pre Plus handsets. The official word originally came from Verizon Wireless Support via Twitter.

The full 1.4.5. rollout is complete on all Sprint WebOS handsets and the Verizon Pixi Plus, and currently underway on the AT&T and Verizon Pre Pluses. Only AT&T's Pixi Plus, the newest release in the WebOS family, remains out in the cold with 1.4.3 and no PDK app access as of this writing.

The Palm release notes for this update can be found here with Verizon's more detailed overview here as a PDF.

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