Two New Palm Modems

Card Access has released the Thincom Portable Modem, a Springboard module. It comes with a Web browser and an e-mail client. The company claims that it "insignificantly impacts Visor's battery life". The modem supports speeds up to 33.6Kbps and sells for $119.95. It will be available from PalmGear in June and in stores later this year.

TDK Systems is now shipping its GlobalPulse software modem that connects Palm devices to a Nokia GSM phone. GlobalPulse provides an efficient GSM data modem that requires only a simple cable between the phone and the handheld. It works with Palm III, IIIx, IIIc, IIIe, V and Vx handhelds and with Nokia's 5190 and 6190 phones.

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Darrin Roush @ 6/14/2000 7:05:10 PM #
No one seems to mention it, but it Global Pulse works with Palm VII as well. Of couse, one might ask, why would this be need for a Palm VII? Well, I'm often out of's coverate area, but my GSM phone (Voice Stream Wireless) is almost always covered. If I need web access, is more convenient (just raise the antenna), but if it's not available, just plug in the cable (it'll fit in your pocket) and away you go. Just watch out for the airtime, because it's not packet data like or Omnisky. If you have the unlimited plan (w/ or Omnisky), that's a whole lot better. In any case, Global Pulse works great with Proxiweb. I also tried it with a Palm IIIc and AvantGo (the new version) and it was awesome to be crusing the Internet in full color (BBC's web "text only" web page has color photos that look great on the IIIc).
RE: GlobalPlulse
Mathias @ 6/14/2000 9:14:59 PM #
Global Pulse is expensive and bulky compared to all those Motorola (=american brand...)Ericsson, Siemens, Sony and other mobile phones who have a IrDa (Infrared) port AND an inbuildt modem.
You only need the cable because NOKIA for a very long time were the only producer with NO IrDa port. Meanwhile their newer models even have it too. So why the heck does anybody need Global Pulse, OmniSky or any other modem ?
RE: GlobalPlulse
Steve @ 6/15/2000 8:52:11 AM #
Not everywhere has heavily subsidised mobile phones like Europe, which makes the global pulse cheaper than buying a new mobile phone. Some countries insist that IrDA ports are disabled on mobile phones, meaning that you can't use the built in modem without a cable of some description.

Also, some Nokia phones have IrDA but no modem (e.g. 61xx series), and expect you to use Nokia Data Suite, great if you have a laptop, not so great if you have a PDA....

RE: GlobalPlulse
Mondoz @ 6/15/2000 11:23:47 AM #
I recently purchased a Global Pulse for use with my IIIx and Nokia 6190. I've been having a bit of trouble getting them to work correctly.
Does anyone know of any sites with info on how to configure and get them to work properly?

I'd love to use Proxiweb with it...

RE: GlobalPlulse
Fred @ 6/15/2000 12:22:01 PM #
Is ther any way to use the Global Pulse with an IrDa connection ?
I have a 6110 and would love to use it with the soft modem provided by TDK but why use a cable ?


RE: GlobalPlulse
bof @ 6/15/2000 1:50:16 PM #
GlobalPulse has been available in the UK for over a year. It's not bad although I don't use it as ofter as I used to.
It works well but 9600 baud is a lilttle slow. I haven't tried WAP on it yet. handphone is good - no more nasty digit prodding on the phone to do SMS.

You cannot make it work with the IrDa on anything that I know of. Certainly not the Nokia 61xx as it doesn't have a full IrDa stack.
Never tried anything else though. This may be is underpowred and won't drive an Ir port and a software modem and an app effectivly at the same time.
I reckon TDK are pretty clever to make a software modem anyway.



RE: GlobalPlulse
Darrin Roush @ 6/20/2000 12:20:35 PM #
Regarding Mondoz's request for help in configuring GlobalPulse and using Proxiweb. I am using GlobalPulse with Proxiweb. It works great. What sort of problem are you having. What is (not) happening exactly?
RE: GlobalPlulse
Mondoz @ 6/21/2000 4:52:48 PM #
Not much is happening..
I can't seem to get the modem to connect.
Under 'Network', I have entered all the ISP's info, and it will dial the number, but it won't start the handshaking. It eventually errors out with 'no carrier'...

Any thoughts?

Thincom Modem but no?

Bruce in Ohio @ 6/21/2000 8:27:59 PM #
I just received a Thincom Modem and it works great, But, it doesn't really come with any software!

The on-board software is all of the "Demo" variety and as yet I don't know if it can be updated or if the updates will be On-Board!



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