Palm Announces WebOS Integrated Cloud Services

Palm Cloud ServiceIn addition to the early access developer program and classic Palm OS support, Palm also announced its first "Palm branded cloud service" at the Web 2.0 Expo today. Cloud services are software resources provided over the Internet. These services can deliver direct benefits to the end user, such as giving them access to their favorite web applications, or can be incorporated by developers into their applications to enhance the end-user experience.

When the Mojo SDK is broadly released later this year, it will include a developer-facing offering called the Mojo Messaging Service, an XMPP publish/subscribe service. The Mojo Messaging Service is an elegant, standards-based way to exchange information over the Internet. When new information is available, it is "published" to the cloud and all interested parties who are subscribers are notified that new information is available. This will allow developers to push live content to their applications or services. Palm says the Mojo Messaging Service initially will have a limited feature set and service level that will evolve over time.

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Palm warns about server security issues

SeldomVisitor @ 4/8/2009 5:38:09 AM # Q
Palm has a blurb or two in their SEC filings (the "protect our butts from lawsuits because we mentioned it" type of blurb) about their new server product (on which WebOS is based?) noting there could be security problems with the data that is both stored and "passes through".

Well, gee, looks like concerns like those are based in reality, huh?


Will WebOS servers be more secure than Google's servers?

RE: Palm warns about server security issues
SeldomVisitor @ 4/8/2009 11:11:35 AM # Q
For those who prefer something a little more personal (rather than "merely" (purportedly) stealing corporate private info from web servers), how about stealing and attempting to extort from medical records:


RE: Palm warns about server security issues
jca666us @ 4/8/2009 4:55:55 PM # Q
>Will WebOS servers be more secure than Google's servers?

Maybe - if they make a deal with Google. Otherwise, not a chance in hell!!

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