Update from Bluetooth Congress 2000

Michael Lunsford, who led the Palm V project, gave a speech in which he discussed Palm's plans for Bluetooth. His company sees the Palm at the centre of a 'personal connectivity bubble', used to control a variety of appliances with Bluetooth, and serving as the access point for internet content. Palm plans to provide the same internet capabilities for its Bluetooth Palm Vs as it does for the Palm VII, including access to Palm.Net. Palm has decided to disable access to Bluetooth Palms from unknown devices - only devices which know the identity of the Palm they are trying to access will be allowed to query the unit. This will satisfy privacy concerns and avoid draining the battery.

3Com is hinting that Palm may be announcing a GSM modem for the Palm V by the end of the year.

Tactel is demonstrating a prototype of a small Bluetooth module which clips onto the serial port of a Palm V. It fully supports Palm's dial-up networking and, with it, a Palm handheld is able to use a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone for Internet access.

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wireless modems?

Gourry @ 6/16/2000 12:26:30 AM #
Okay, I'll admit it : I am poor. and I don't really get all this wireless hype. I'm sorry, but can someone come up with something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I mean I pay $20.19 a month for regular access, and now I have to spend $50.00 more for a less usefull connection? That just seems wierd to me....

Yeah Baby!!!

Greg Gaub @ 6/16/2000 1:39:35 AM #
Now that's what I'm talking about! Screw the PalmVII. Let's get that clip-on GSM or Bluetooth going on! I'd MUCH rather spend 300$ on one of those puppies than on an Omnisky POS. I want it NOW!!! :-)

Get rid of serial

RoofusPennymore @ 6/16/2000 7:46:55 AM #
Palm really needs to get rid of the serial port and put in a USB port so it can really make use high speed wireless applications.

re: visor

RoofusPennymore @ 6/16/2000 7:46:55 AM #
As fast as the current Palms are going to be obsolete, a Visor isn't a bad idea. But don't the have the same supply problems?

Bluetooth & Wireless

P. Honstein @ 6/16/2000 11:50:41 AM #
- Bluetooth Palm V's will have same internet access as Palm VII's? What does that mean? Will this be through another Bluetooth device within 10 meters of the V (the standard method), OR... is Palm.Net support to be built into Bluetooth on the V?
- When will we see Bluetooth V's?
- Cheap wireless? Doesn't exist. Cheap e-mail and internet content from any phone anywhere is available: PocketMail Backflip from iGo.com, combined with speedylink.com services, gives e-mail and internet for $100 and $10 per month.


re: re: visor

Gourry @ 6/17/2000 8:10:40 PM #
nah. there are plenty of visors out there, mainly because most people don't think they are as good as they are. now all we need is a color visor ;)

cheap wireless

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/21/2000 10:13:44 PM #
Bell Atlantic Mobilie is offering Palm users in the Northeast, wireless, complete, internet access and e-mail for $24.95/month. You buy the Minstrall 3 wireless modem from them for $239. This is a great way for us Palm 3 guys to get wireless internet. Why fumble around with cell phone adapters.


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