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1 2/26/2006 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Comes to the Palm OS
Softick has released Audio Gateway v1.0, the first Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming solution for Palm OS handhelds. Audio Gateway enables users to connect a Palm OS handheld or Treo 650 to Bluetooth…
2 10/11/2005 Salling Clicker 3.0 Released for Mac & Windows
Salling Software today announced the immediate availability of both Windows and Mac versions of Salling Clicker 3.0, a major update to its award-winning remote control software tool. Salling Clicker…
3 3/8/2005 Bluetooth Awareness on the Rise
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) just commissioned an independent study on consumer awareness, attitude and usage of Bluetooth wireless technology compared to other wireless technologies.…
4 11/9/2004 Bluetooth Version 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate Announced
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). The new spec offers increased data rates, up to three…
5 7/16/2004 New Bluetooth Power Management Utility
Blue Fang is a new freeware utility that has been created to simplify the control of your handheld's Bluetooth radio. It provide simple and easy control over the Bluetooth radio.
6 6/8/2004 CSR Unveils Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth Chips
CSR PLC today launched a fourth generation of its Bluetooth silicon, designed for Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Bluetooth. The new chips will deliver data rates three-times faster than current v1.2…
7 5/5/2004 Bluetooth Adoption Moving Towards Mainstream
Although Bluetooth-enabled devices havenít quite entered the true mainstream yet, they are poised to take that next step according to new market research.
8 1/7/2004 Socket Announces Bluetooth Wireless Modem
Socket Communications today announced the first battery-powered cordless 56K modem for PDAs. The new device gives users mobility to access the Internet or email through a telephone from any Bluetooth…
9 12/9/2003 Think Outside Announces Bluetooth Keyboard & Profile
Think Outside, maker of the Stowaway Keyboards, has announced that it has created a royalty-free keyboard driver that utilizes the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile. In addition, the…
10 11/6/2003 Bluetooth SIG Adopts Bluetooth v1.2
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade association responsible for Bluetooth wireless technology, has announced the adoption of Bluetooth Specification Version 1.2. The update includes…
11 11/4/2003 Bluetooth Shipments Exceed 1M per Week  
12 9/4/2003 Control Your Mac With A Bluetooth Handheld  
13 8/12/2003 Palm Releases T|W Bluetooth Card Drivers  
14 1/15/2003 Bluetooth Flexible Keyboard in Development  
15 11/22/2002 Socket Launches Bluetooth GPS Receiver  
16 10/17/2002 PalmSource and Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Deal  
17 9/27/2002 Toshiba Announces Smaller Bluetooth SD Card  
18 6/19/2002 Faster Versions of Bluetooth Under Development  
19 6/14/2002 Rumor: Bluetooth Memory Stick Available Soon Outside Japan  
20 4/30/2002 Retrofit Printers for Bluetooth  
21 3/21/2002 Apple to Add Bluetooth Support to OS X  
22 3/19/2002 Palm and Sony Ericsson to Push Bluetooth  
23 3/12/2002 Palm Bluetooth Card on PalmStore  
24 3/11/2002 Bluetooth Memory Stick Coming from Sony  
25 3/9/2002 Bluetooth Memory Stick Gets SIG Approval  
26 2/20/2002 Bluetooth SD Card on Palm's European Site  
27 1/9/2002 Broadcom to Help Develop Bluetooth for Next-Generation Palms  
28 12/27/2001 Toshiba Releases SD Bluetooth Card in Japan  
29 11/7/2001 BlueM Brings Bluetooth to Latest Palms (Updated)  
30 10/24/2001 Red-M Intros Bluetooth Springboard  
31 10/4/2001 Palm Readying Bluetooth SDK  
32 8/14/2001 Anycom Prepping Bluetooth Products for Handhelds  
33 8/1/2001 New Bluetooth Add-on for Palm Vx  
34 6/20/2001 Blue5 to Debut Soon  
35 6/11/2001 Add Bluetooth to V Series with Blue5  
36 6/7/2001 Palm Unveils Bluetooth SD Card  
37 3/22/2001 Xircom Bluetooth Springboard Later This Year  
38 3/21/2001 WAVEclip Brings Bluetooth to Palm V  
39 12/15/2000 Palm not missing Bluetooth deadline  
40 12/14/2000 Palm Misses Their Bluetooth Deadline  

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