Palm CEO Unsure About Role for Voice

Palm CEO Carl Yankowski said recently, "Voice and data are coming together, but right now I'm not sure how." He also pointed out that they could give phone capabilities to the Palm, "but I'm not sure that's what customers want."

This was during a speech with Psion Founder and Chairman David Potter on third generation wireless devices. Yankowski said that the biggest challege of 3G would be making the content and services compelling enough to make customers want to pay for them and "how to get those killer apps out on the market in a friendly way."

In discussing what customers might be charged for such 3G services, Yankowski said, "Today we charge roughly $40 per month, and we don't want to change more than that. Frankly, you could probably price (services) plus 2 percent or plus 5 percent, and people will pay that if they find value," Yankowski said. "Voice is the real rip off."

"I don't care about selling devices anymore; I care about selling services," Yankowski said. "The key thing that we do know is that we need to focus on a great user experience."

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Good Plan!

Paul @ 6/17/2000 1:52:24 AM #
Yes, I'm definitely sure that by continuing to have a lack of innovation and by focussing on simplicity palm will maintain it's large market share.

When will Palm actually put some long needed features into their devices! The PocketPC's are looking very tempting now.

RE: Good Plan!
PDA Boy @ 6/17/2000 9:29:10 AM #
Tell me about it. I just bought a Pocket PC, and it is incredible. In fact, it's everything a Palm should be. Now will someone explain to me why Palm isn't doing anything!

The PocketPC is simple to use, stylish, thin, has better battery life than the Palm IIIc (the Compaq device gets 12 hours while the IIIc only gets 9)and I can get a Jornada 540 for $415 while the IIIc costs $450! And Palm is wondering why their color handheld isn't selling well? Could it be that maybe it doesn't do enough to warrant a $450 price tag?

The last thing I want to see is Palm being crushed by Microsoft, but so far it doesn't seem like Palm is doing anything to innovate or evolve their product. Sadly, their vision of handheld computing is too narrow and is becoming somewhat dated! At least Microsoft is making an effort (a serious one!) to push the envelope of mobile computing.

RE: Good Plan!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/17/2000 9:51:40 AM #
Your post doesn't make sense. You are excited over your PocketPC and are asking why Palm is not doing anything. Why do you state anything "sadly"?
Enjoy your PocketPC and give the rest of us a brake.
RE: Good Plan!
PDA Boy @ 6/18/2000 10:33:56 AM #
Why doesn't it make sense? You mean I can't like both platforms? Is there a rule here I'm unfamiliar with?

Why do I use the word "Sadly"? Because it is sad! Microsoft's platform is actually more innovative than the Palm as it stands now. For example: ActiveSync is far superior to Palm's HotSync. Palm has done nothing significant to their platform since 1996. What's going on? When are we going to see a higher res color display...ebooks that actually look good...or even a little multimedia. I could care less about viewing 10 second video clips on a PDA, but MP3 music? That's a different story. You haven't lived until you can listen to your favorite music while surfing through AvantGo.

Seriously, does anyone know what Palm is doing with OS 4.0, such as features? When will it be out? Will the Sony PDA run on OS 4? Will it have a higher res color display? I know it's going to have digital audio, but does this mean that the Palm OS is now going to support audio? Or is this simply a hardware solution implemented by Sony?

If Palm or a licensee can offer competing features to a Pocket PC, then I may go back to an "improved" Palm as my primary PDA. For now I'll stick with my PocketPC and hope that Palm realizes that the rules are changing!

my bad

Gourry @ 6/17/2000 8:10:40 PM #
my bad. when i went lookin for em, the cheapest I saw was a $389 palmIV. in fact i was led to believe the earlier modles were discontinued. still with all the shortages, the visor's lack of flash might actually wind up a bonus, and the springboards add enough upgrade options to keep it worthwile. as far as durribilty, i've droped thig thing like you wouldn't believe, and it even got run over by a bike and still works good. Little scuffed, but oh well.
RE: my bad
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/21/2000 8:57:01 AM #
I might be mistaken about what you said, but there is no Palm IV. Palm sticks to odd numbers, for some *odd* reason. Also, I had no problem finding a cheaper-than-$389 palm. In fact, the first site I went to even had it *in stock*
RE: my bad @ 6/21/2000 10:38:20 AM #
Rumor has it Palm skipped the IV because some Eastern countries feel the same way about the number 4 that many Western countries feel about the number 13.

Incidentally, Palm is also rumored to be dumping this naming scheme because most people can't keep them straight.

re roofus

Gourry @ 6/18/2000 1:55:49 PM #
nah. handspring gets their hardware from somewhere else, and the dont use flash, so there are plenty to go arround

pocket pc

Gourry @ 6/18/2000 1:55:49 PM #
ya know I saw the jordana and got to play with it a bit. all I can say is I dont care one bit about it not living up to it's promosed graphics performance, it's still sweet as hell, and the only guys that came up with a hardcover screen protector other than visor. For us poor folks, visor gives you more bang for the buck, but for those with the cash to burn, i say go hp.

How could Yanowski not know?

Nick @ 6/20/2000 5:44:37 AM #
It's pretty easy to see where the services are going. 1 place for it all. Internet, wireless internet, and wireless voice all in one package. What part of this doesn't Yanowski get?


gary @ 6/20/2000 10:04:19 PM #
.this is cool that one can post comments and read them

Bluetooth? Where ?!?

Derek Prowse @ 6/27/2000 6:21:42 PM #
Sure its cool, but I refuse to get excited about Bluetooth utill Bluetooth-enabled Widgets are adevertised in inserts in the Sunday paper. Where are people selling wired toasters?


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