Unnamed WebOS Device Spy Shot Emerges

BGR WebOS Spy ShotHot on the heels of yesterday's TechCrunch rumor, which in itself sounded much like the tip we received at CES, comes today's first possible blurrycam shot of a purported WebOS-powered "Centro 2" or something other by the Boy Genius Report. The picture is of extremely poor quality but does seem to feature a screen of unknown size with a small Centro-style single sheet keyboard below.

The Boy Genius has very few details about the device, other than the "fall" release date is again repeated and the device is "Centro-esque". While it's hard to tell much from the photo, the mystery device does looks to be a hybrid of styling cues dawn the existing Centro, the current Pre, and the BlackBerry Bold. There appears to be very little wasted real estate anywhere around the bezel or the keyboard.

The timing is ideal for a follow, entry-level WebOs device to carry the torch from the Centro. Palm's Treo 800w is already scheduled to be phased out on Sprint and the low-cost Windows Mobile-based "Wanda", a Treo 500 replacement seen early last year, never reached market.

All of Palm's remaining Palm OS devices on Sprint are slated to reach EOL status by July. Palm could conceivably head into the holiday season with a solid, streamlined lineup of CDMA & GSM Treo Pros, the Pre and this Centro 2.

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vetdoctor @ 4/30/2009 10:53:31 AM # M Q
If they are releasing this shortly after the Pre then this will be the $99 phone and the Pre closer to $300 instead of the $150 reported elsewhere.

You can trust my opinion as much as that blurrycam shot. What camera is that, the Mars Rover?

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The Awakening Continues!

LiveFaith @ 4/30/2009 9:24:46 PM # M Q
I think Palm may finally be getting it from a design standpoint. Replacing mission critical mobile device frontal area with work area instead of wasted plastic. Hooray for whoever.
I'm not a keyboard fan b/c I would rather have screen there, but it appears that the lights are coming on for Palm's design team. I'll take it!
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