WebOS Showcase Apps Available At Launch

Pre webos apps launchEngadget has posted what looks like a screen-grab of an internal Sprint document detailing some Palm Pre training. Half of the slide is blocked, however it does show a list of WebOS applications for the Pre that will be "available at or near launch."

The list includes some previously featured titles and other unknowns such as: Pandora, EA, SGN, Craig's List, Sling Media, DirectTV, Facebook, MySpace, Match.com, Loopt, Twitter, City Search, Zagat, Fandango, MovieTickets.com, Lonely Planet, FlightView, NYTimes, AP Mobile, ESPN, Handmark Stocks, Bank of America, Intuit, Epocrates, WebMD, Salesforce.com, Austin Lane, DataViz and Mark/Sapce. The full screenshot is mirrored after the break.

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