Rubinstein to Present New Pre Features at D Conference?

Jon RubensteinThe seventh annual D: All Things Digital "executive conference" has kicked off at the Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad, California, and Palm will be returning to the stage to apparently announce some new features around the Palm Pre. At the tail end of Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher's opening speech (11:07), Mossberg said:

"[The Palm guys are coming] and they're not only going to come and talk in more detail about the Palm Pre than you have seen before, but they're actually going to introduce some new things that that the Palm Pre's gonna be able to do that haven't even been speculated [about] on the blogs..."

Interesting, no? Especially given how much speculation has been done already. A check of the D7 list of speakers shows that both Palm Executive Chairman Jon Rubinstein and Elevation's Roger McNamee will be there, although no mention is made on the schedule of when. Of the two, McNamee in particular has been very... zealous in his promotion of Pre's abilities. Like those still-officially-unmentioned automated, location-based calendar reminders, for instance. Presumably this will be expanded upon - but then that would be speculating, wouldn't it.

D7 wraps up Thursday. We'll be watching.

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swieder @ 5/27/2009 10:45:08 AM # Q
I will be very interested to see what is announced.
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That's what was purprotedly said, however...

SeldomVisitor @ 5/27/2009 10:55:38 AM # Q
...the leaked Pre documentation set (see my earlier posts today) suggests, if the news is Pre-related, it is software like "We have servers!" or application-based.

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