New Wireless Modem from Palm

Palm has planned a press conference on Tuesday, June 27, at 5:30 PM Eastern Time at the PC Expo show to announce a new product that will allow current Palm users worldwide to connect wirelessly to the Internet.

Alan Kessler, chief operating officer, platform and products, and Barry Cottle, chief operating officer, content and access, will introduce and demonstrate the product at the press conference. This will be followed by demonstrations by more than 25 Web brands whose content is available via wirelessly enabled Palm handheld computers.

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great, now I can't decide...

Greg Gaub @ 6/23/2000 1:27:54 PM #
I'm looking forward to many of the cool new wireless devices planned for the end of the year. This new GSM clip-on phone/modem would be PERFECT! Then again... so would Bluetooth... I'm afraid if they're priced similarly, I'll have a really hard time deciding which to get. I think I'll probably lean towards the phone/modem, because then I can carry one less thing with me (no more separate cell phone) and I won't be dependant on a bluetooth transceiver being nearby.


Barnett Frankel @ 6/23/2000 2:22:51 PM #
OK, I've been sucked in and have become part of the Techno-dweeb Empire. However, I need a solution to get my PalmIIIx onto the internet via my Motorola M-70A. Any help would be appreciated or my next entry is going to be in the PDA Graveyard when I kill this little sucker 'cause I'm suffering from Wireless Envy!
RE: Wireless Help @ 6/26/2000 11:22:46 AM #
You might be better off posting this to a forum dedicated to getting tech support, like Experts Exchange:" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

Look Good/Priced Right

Brette Blatchley @ 6/24/2000 10:28:11 PM #
I hope this device looks/fits as nice as the Minstral devices, but priced MUCH lower ($369 is *way* too much for the Palm III Minstral!). On the other hand, it needs to look MUCH better than Palm's own clip-on modem, which is priced right but looks/fits like junk on the slender Palm III series. (They badly need to produce a peripheral case that fits the III and later devices!) I'm waiting to buy...
RE: Look Good/Priced Right
Palm user @ 6/25/2000 10:52:34 PM #
I purchased a used Minstrel III for my Palm IIIx from GoAmerica ( for $50 plus no activation fee. I called them up one day to ask them a few questions and at the time they had a deal were they were selling the Minstrels for $100 and then you bought your service plan for a year. I really didn't want to get the modem then, but the sales person said he could get me a used one, in good condition for $50 and I jumped on it. Call them up and see what they can do for you.

Palm on the Net

Patrick @ 6/26/2000 2:56:28 PM #
I have seen the Palm VII and am impressed. The idea of having a PDA that does the organizing bit, email retrieval, ect... is great! But what about these web clippings??? Is there an EASY way to link the PDA up to the wireless net and get NET content - not web clippings? Does or let you do this?

I am not holding out the ultimate machine. But a person can buy a handheld PC (Cassiopia or Jornada) for a close price. I like the clip-on modem configuration and am very interested in hearing what folks have to say.

Anyone ever going to get AOL's Instant Messanger online for the Palm?

RE: Palm on the Net
Darrin Roush @ 6/27/2000 7:51:06 PM #
Yes, you can cruise the net (to an extent) with the Palm VII. DPWebDX (not the basic, but advanced version) will do this quite well. In fact, I've deleted most of my PQAs from my VII (to save space) and now have links to the same content through DPWebDX. I access hundreds (if not thousands) of pages now with only about 8 PQAs on my VII. Go to" CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>

mobile & PDA

patol @ 6/28/2000 3:11:05 AM #
why spending money just to connect your PDA to the internet? I've got my Palm V talking so good with my Motorola P7389 and @ amazing speed (just for now) of 14400bps, I can use it as a phone or as a wireles modem via IrDA .... do you need more?
RE: mobile & PDA
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/12/2002 8:36:49 PM #
Please can you send me the init string for a IrDA connection between a PDA and the P7389 from Motorala.

Thank you.

my e-mail:



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