Palm Hoses Down webOS Speed Expectations

Coyote Wins If you were one of those getting your hopes up over Tuesday's report on the possibility of webOS GPU support in the "immediate future", prepare to have those hopes dashed against the rocks of reality: Ajaxian have appended an update from Palm to their note on the webOS developer talk from whence the supposed quote came, and it goes a little bit like this:

Some of the notes have been taken out of context, so we wanted to clarify: We started with a talk on the the future of the mobile Web. This talked about the potential of the Web as the platform for devices, and why we were excited to join Palm... We don't comment on our specific SDK plans, and while we are personally excited about the Web gaining GPU acceleration via technologies like WebGL and CSS Transforms, and we would like to see webOS gain these capabilities to allow web developers to better leverage our fantastic hardware, we were answering a question about our personal opinion on what we'd like to see happen to the platform. We don't believe the term "immediate" was even mentioned by us, and we are sorry that people have read too much into this particular topic.

Too bad. But hey, don't despair! webOS 1.3 will be bringing other goodies to the table. We're going to report on them shortly...

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As noted in prior comments...

SeldomVisitor @ 11/7/2009 4:25:20 AM # Q
...this is not a surprise.

RE: As noted in prior comments...
jca666us @ 11/7/2009 7:37:49 PM # Q
I always heard that HTML & Javascript were already plenty fast enough for most any apps...isn't that right Tim?

What about the mythical performance enhancing browser plug-ins for the Pre?


RE: As noted in prior comments...
CFreymarc @ 11/8/2009 8:17:33 AM # Q
There is a very big story on why there is no native compiler available to the general developer base. Get a native compiler and this will solve the speed problem quickly. If the editors of this web site want to make their readership jump big, start investigating and publish something that will make Palm management notice.
RE: As noted in prior comments...
Gekko @ 11/8/2009 8:30:32 AM # Q
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