Preware Pixi Patching Is A Go

If you were one of those who picked up a shiny new Palm Pixi on the weekend, then you may have been a mite disappointed to find that the multitude of homebrew webOS patches out there simply didn't work on your new toy. The culprit is the Pixi's new processor, which is an older ARMv6 variant, whereas all patches had previously been compiled for the ARMv7 CPU in the Pre.

WebOS Internals was, however - as usual - quickly on the case, and have pushed out version 0.9.19 of their Package Manger Service, which alongside the latest version 0.9.8 of Preware will now let you patch the Pixi to your heart's content. The task also required recompilation of all the binary packages that install & uninstall patches, no small effort. You can update via Preware, get the stand-alone installer here, or use WebOS Quick Install to step up. And not to put too fine a point on it, but if you're using Preware, you really should have donated by now, you freeloading mooch. This stuff doesn't make itself happen. Lay on, Macduff...

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CFreymarc @ 11/22/2009 6:52:35 PM # Q
The Pixi shipped? Wow, this is void of under-reporting in the general tech media. This is worst than bad news.
RE: Eh?
SeldomVisitor @ 11/23/2009 6:06:35 AM # Q
Indeed - the almost-total lack of discussion about the launch and its volume(s), even on FanBoy Extreme site PreCentral, is a statement all by itself.

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