Palm Desktop for Macintosh Updated

palmOne support has posted an updated version of the Palm Desktop for Macintosh Computers. The update solves various installation issues on OS X 10.3 and 10.4.

The updater does not deliver any incremental features over formerly released Palm Desktop 4.2.1 (now called Rev A) but it does solve various installation issues on OS 10.3 and OS 10.4. It also add support for additional handhelds that were not supported by version 4.2.1 Rev A.

This desktop installer is supported with:

  • Treo 600
  • Treo 650*
  • Tungsten E2
  • Tungsten T5*
  • Zire 72*
  • Zire 71

* means you need to install the supplied CD software first to get all the conduits you need.

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Can't install

GenericMan @ 6/28/2005 4:01:11 PM # Q
I tried to upgrade my existing version of Palm Desktop as recommended by the download page, but the installer just gets stuck at the "choose the target disk" screen. I see a "waiting" cursor and the disk remains grayed out. Has anyone gotten it to install?

RE: Can't install
Kesh @ 6/28/2005 9:19:43 PM # Q
I didn't even bother. Missing Sync does everything a lot better than Palm Desktop ever did, for me, so I'm not going back.

RE: Can't install
vesther @ 6/28/2005 10:00:26 PM # Q
I have to agree that Missing Sync for Palm OS does a better job syncing with your Mac as opposed to the PalmOne Desktop for reasons that I've been foreseeing...

The install somewhat hangs when you install Palm Desktop over Windows, but I don't know what the case with a Mac could be, though.

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RE: Can't install
GenericMan @ 6/29/2005 10:45:50 AM # Q
Never mind. I eventually got it to install, but iSync still won't sync at all. Screw this. Once Missing Sync for hiptop gets updated for Tiger compatibility, I'm switching.

RE: Can't install
DonCarcharo @ 6/29/2005 10:55:25 AM # Q
Agreed. I switched to MissinSync about 6 months ago for my Treo 650 and have been very pleased. More features, more reliable (mostly), why would I go back?
RE: Can't install
ogun7 @ 6/30/2005 7:40:10 AM # Q
You know, it's just not fair that we as Mac users have to pay a third-party software premium just to get 75% of the features of our PDA over Windows users. It's been documented all over the internet, and even on this site before that a high percentage of Mac users are also Palm OS customers. If the Tungsten XX doesn't come out soon, I'm glad that Mark/Space gives me an exit strategy to PocketPC or even Windows for Smartphones. Why should I be loyal to a company that cares nothing about me because of my platform choice? My T3 might be my last Palm (of 5) as I join others who are frustrated with Palm's sluggish adoption of wireless conncectivity and high prices.

And yes, I AM A MAC GEEK!!
RE: Can't install
MrBond @ 6/30/2005 9:57:33 AM # Q
It's a good thing that PalmOne has publicly committed to bundling m/s once they start using Cobalt then (hah).
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Print/Preview (Mac) Bug - FIXED?!

palmboy @ 6/30/2005 1:28:10 PM # Q
Looks like they might have heard my cries for help, and countless posts, including to PalmOne's Tech "UNSUPPORT" :)

Note this wording:

palmOne support has posted an updated version of the Palm Desktop for Macintosh Computers. The update solves various installation issues on OS X 10.3 and 10.4.

It says palmOne, not PalmSource... But, who cares,

I hope that this Updater - Palm Desktop 4.2.1 (now called Rev A) fixes this CONFIRMED BUG!!! see below!


In front of my own eyes, at the Apple store, a genius downloaded and installed Palm Desktop 4.2.1 on their Powerbook15, OS 10.4.1.

As soon as he clicked on Preview in Palm Desktop 4.2.1's Print Dialog Box, Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Quit -- this EXACTLY what happens on my set up.

When we did it again, and instead of clicking on Preview in Palm Desktop 4.2.1's Print Dialog Box, the genius clicked on Print, and then on Preview, we saw the Print Preview OK...

Oh well, unless someone know Terminal really well, and can suggest some command line instructions, so that Palm Desktop 4.2.1's plays better with Tiger, at least as far as Print Preview, we'll have to put up with this annoyance...

Please let us know if you are NOT having this bug on your Tiger, 10.4.1 System...

Other than that, PD is working FINE under Tiger...

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Have you seen this bug?!

Application Palm Desktop 4.2.1 suddenly Quits every time when I Click on Preview before Printing! But, when I click on Print, and then Preview before Print, then I see the Preview, and Printing is OK from the that window...

I.e. I no longer can Preview before Printing. This happens in each of Palm Desktop 4.2.1's Modules (Contacts, Memos, Calendar, To Do List).

Other than that, Palm Desktop 4.2.1 works fine, and syncs via HotSync to my Tungsten T3 no problem under OS 10.4.1!

Reinstalling Palm Desktop 4.2.1, Trashing it's Temp File and Prefs, Deleting/Adding Printers, Repair Permissions and Restart - didn't help.

Other applications are Printing/Previewing OK.

This issue came up only after I've upgraded from OS 10.3.9 to the latest Mac OS 10.4.1, with all latest Software Updates. I installed Tiger via Archive and Install, and Preserving User Preferences.

To Preview before printing, I have to leave Palm Desktop 4.2.1, by choosing Print, then Preview, and then either Cancel Print, and switch back to Palm Desktop 4.2.1, or Print from Preview.

Has anyone seen this issue?!

I guess I'd need to go to Apple Store, install Palm Desktop 4.2.1 on one of their machines and see if I can replicate this behavior.

If Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Quits there too, then it would impossible not to call it a BUG!

Unfortunately, PalmSource repeatedly stated that they will no longer update Palm Desktop, and thus version 4.21 is supposedly the last one.

On other hand, PalmOne is aggressively marketing Treo 650 Smart Phone via Wireless Carriers, and it comes with Palm Desktop 4.2.1 for Mac...

This is PATHETIC of PalmSource and PalmOne, which will finally re-unite, only to do something similar to what Apple did (putting Mac OS on top of Unix). The New Palm will put its Palm OS on top of Linux...

How do I know? I heard the interviews with their CEO's etc...

What a ZOO!!!!


Powerbook 17 (9/2003), 1.33 MHz, 1.5G RAM, 5400 RPM HD, Mac OS 10.4.1, Tungsten T3, Palm Desktop 4.2.1oe

Tungsten T3, Mac OS 10.3.9, iPodderX 2.1.2, Palm Desktop 4.2.1

"Technology is great... when it works:)!!!"

RE: Print/Preview (Mac) Bug - FIXED?!
ChiA @ 7/2/2005 7:49:31 AM # Q
Maybe there's something else iffy about your setup because I have the older Palm Desktop 4.2.1 on an OS X 10.3.9 Powerbook and the Preview function in Palm Desktop works just fine.

"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight � it�s the size of the fight in the dog" - Dwight D. Eisenhower
RE: Print/Preview (Mac) Bug - FIXED?!
palmboy @ 7/5/2005 1:07:54 PM # Q
Dear ChiA @ 7/2/2005 7:49:31 AM #!!!!

If RE-READ my LONG POST, you can CLEARLY see that this BUG was NOT THERE under 10.3.9, I.E. THERE WAS NO PROBLEM!

Only after upgrading to Tiger this BUG was detected!

This LATEST Rev B still has this BUG! There is also no indication on the About Palm Desktop Splash Screen that this is a Rev B.

Only when on looks at the Hot Sync Log, one can see that the HotSync has been upgraded from 3.2 to 3.2.1!

So... How is one to know that Upgrade was COMPLETE, and thus SUCCESSFULL?

This is SLOPPY, PATHETIC gesture from Palm!

Also, if you have AutoPairs Haxie, installed, be careful, since this Update is not working with it too well...

The whole Palm-Mac Universe is a sad free for all!

If you ever go to Apple Stores, there is only a quick mention of Palm, and LITTLE info available..., in passing, really quickly...

It's mostly ALL iPod, All the Time, most of the time!

Palm is busy trying to move its Palm OS on the top of Linux, ala Apple putting its OSX on the top of Unix...

Palm is not intersted in PEOPLE/customers, but mostly big COMPANIES buying in Bulk! - This is Now, and that was "Zen":)

If only gave me a better PDA, not iPod, or a SmartPhone with Graffiti, I'd dump Palm!


Tungsten T3, Mac OS 10.3.9, iPodderX 2.1.2, Palm Desktop 4.2.1

"Technology is great... when it works:)!!!"

RE: Print/Preview (Mac) Bug - FIXED?!
palmboy @ 7/5/2005 1:27:21 PM # Q
SORRY about the typos:)
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Why can't PalmSource make OS X talk with a Palm...

ChiA @ 7/2/2005 7:51:41 AM # Q
... in the same way Windows can talk to a Palm device?

After all, you have different computers with different operating systems sharing info with each other over the internet. There's SyncML to share info between mobiles, PDAs etc from different companies, so why can't PalmSource come up with a common conduit system which can be used by not only Windows, but OS X, Linux etc?

"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight � it�s the size of the fight in the dog" - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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