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1 6/18/2019 Unlocked Palm Now Available for Purchase
Palm announced today that an unlocked Palm phones can now be purchased through The Palm device can now be used on its own and no longer requires a paired smartphone or Verizon wireless plan.…
2 1/30/2012 Interview with the Departing Jon Rubinstein
The Verge has posted an interview with Jon Rubinstein, freshly-departed from HP. Some of the highlights discussed in the surprisingly frank interview include the timeline previously set in place for…
3 1/27/2012 Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP
Culminating many months of silence from the former Palm CEO, All Things D is reporting that Jon Rubinstein is leaving Hewlett Packard, effectively shutting the book on one of the last vestiges of the…
4 12/9/2011 Pre 2 and TouchPad Updates Rolling Out
Every time HP announces a new update to their WebOS devices, the community breathes a collective sigh of relief that their devices are continuing to be useful and supported. So this week's news that…
5 10/28/2011 HP Decides Not to Spin off PC Division, webOS Future Still Uncertain
Thursday, October 27th marked the end of a long period of uncertainty for the HP faithful, as the company announced via conference call to not spin-off their Personal System Group and personal…
6 9/22/2011 Apotheker Out, As HP Names Meg Whitman CEO
HP's board of directors today announced that Léo Apotheker has "stepped down" as CEO. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has been appointed as the new president and chief executive officer. "We are…
7 7/26/2011 Two Bloomberg Interviews with Todd Bradley
On the heels of their July 12th article discussing the recent management shakeup at HP, last week Bloomberg interviewed Todd Bradley, HP's Executive Vice President of the Personal Systems Group,…
8 7/13/2011 PC Mag & Gizmodo Take HP to Task
Earlier this month we took a look at the initial crop of HP TouchPad reviews from around the web. For two rather unique takes on the TouchPad, we have two newer opinion pieces that take a fresh…
9 7/11/2011 HP's Stephen DeWitt Named New Head of WebOS Group
HP today announced that former Palm Inc. CEO Jon Rubinstein is now out as head of the former Palm group, and has reassigned Stephen DeWitt as senior vice president and general manager of its webOS…
10 6/29/2011 Inventec Lands Large HP Tablet Order
Taiwanese news outlet CENS is reporting that OEM giant Inventec Corp. has received a large-quantity order from HP for an upcoming tablet. Presumably, this is the 7" version of the TouchPad,…
11 6/27/2011 TouchPad Promos Appearing at Membership Warehouse Retailers  
12 6/17/2011 HP TouchPad Accessories Begin to Arrive at Retail  
13 6/15/2011 Veer Drops $100 off Full Retail, Now Free with Contract  
14 6/15/2011 Best Buy Preparing Stores for TouchPad  
15 6/9/2011 Wal-Mart Preparing Stores for TouchPad Arrival  
16 4/28/2011 Palm Fares Poorly in Latest Smartphone Poll  
17 4/8/2011 Verizon Pre 3 Spotted in the Wild  
18 4/8/2011 Pre 2 Now Free From HP  
19 2/9/2011 HP Palm WebOS Event Open Thread  
20 1/28/2011 BBC on HP's Desire to be Cool  
21 1/25/2011 HP Topaz Tablet Specs Leaked  
22 1/19/2011 HP Files for HP Touchpad Trademark  
23 1/14/2011 HP Execs Hint at a WebOS Tablet in the Near Future  
24 1/4/2011 Pre 2 Appears at Wal-mart, Mobile Hotspot Feature Intact  
25 12/21/2010 Pre 2 Now Available in Canada From Rogers  
26 12/21/2010 WebOS Alternatives to Epocrates  
27 12/21/2010 Epocrates Ends Support for WebOS  
28 11/18/2010 Unlocked Pre 2 Now Available in the USA  
29 11/17/2010 Pre 2 Now Available Unlocked in Europe  
30 11/17/2010 Palm Pre 2 Has Native CPU Scaling  
31 11/16/2010 Rubinstein and Bradley Presenting at Web 2.0 Summit  
32 11/15/2010 Graffiti for Android Updated for November  
33 11/12/2010 More departures from Palm - Almaer and Galbraith Now Gone  
34 10/21/2010 Verizon Launching Tiered 3G Data Pricing Soon  
35 10/6/2010 HP Exec Says New webOS Phones Due Next Year  
36 9/15/2010 HP Exec Promises "Great Things" for webOS  
37 9/14/2010 Android on Palm OS Hardware  
38 9/14/2010 Fast Company on WebOS 2.0  
39 9/14/2010 Former Palm VP Peter Skillman Joins Nokia  
40 9/14/2010 Verizon and AT&T webOS 1.4.5 Rollout Begins  

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