Interview with the Departing Jon Rubinstein

The Verge has posted an interview with Jon Rubinstein, freshly-departed from HP. Some of the highlights discussed in the surprisingly frank interview include the timeline previously set in place for Rubinstein's departure from HP (12 to 24 months). According to the interview, Ruby was planning on leaving HP even prior to the TouchPad launch. He politely refused to discuss the "things that didn't work out the way everyone expected" aside from the CEO churn during his not-quite 2-year tenure with HP (Hurd, Lesjak, Apotheker, Whitman). He also states that that "HP wasn't in good enough shape on its own to be able to support the effort", speaking in terms of the capital outlay needed to perfect WebOS and its accompanying hardware and ecosystem.

Long-time PIC readers may recall the story of former Palm CEO Ed Colligan plucking Rubinstein out of his semi-retirement poolside in Mexico (illustrated in this article from 2007) and it's to this tranquil destination that Ruby has returned for "some time off". The "Podfather" is still using his HP Veer and expressed no desire to head north and try to rectify the problems at RIM.

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