Pre 2 and TouchPad Updates Rolling Out

Every time HP announces a new update to their WebOS devices, the community breathes a collective sigh of relief that their devices are continuing to be useful and supported. So this week's news that a WebOS system update for both the TouchPad and the Pre 2 is definitely reason to smile.

First off, WebOSInternals has tweeted the news that select Pre 2 owners are reporting WebOS 2.2.4 is starting to trickle out. Skype support for non-VZW Pre 2 handsets is the main focus of this update, along with Bluetooth MAP support and sync improvements to the core PIM apps.

hp pre 2 webos update Also in the works is an imminent TouchPad OS update, this time to version 3.0.5, according to a source at Primarily a bug fix update, this new release isn't as monumental as the previous two TouchPad updates as far as new features and performance improvements are concerned. However, at this stage of the game, any OS update for a discontinued hardware platform is certainly cause for celebration.

The primary improvements in 3.0.5 for the TouchPad is a new "sensor API" for PDK apps, HTML 5 video support in portrait and landscape mode, and low disk space download alerts. HP is currently in the midst of finishing up testing for this release and no specific timeframe for its release has been announced.

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