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1 4/17/2003 HandEra Ends Palm OS Product Line
HandEra has announced it will no longer release Palm OS based handheld products. In addition the company issued and End of Life notice for both of it's handhelds the TRGpro and HandEra 330.
2 2/14/2002 TRGpro Drops by $30
HandEra has dropped the price of the TRGpro to $220, down from $250. The company also offers a bundle that includes a TRGpro and 16MB CF Card for $225. The TRGpro has held its value surprisingly…
3 1/29/2002 Handhelds with QVGA Color Screens Coming this Year
HandEra and Epson have announced that Epson's LCD Controllers are now supported by HandEra’s QVGA technology. HandEra is not only using QVGA in its own devices but offers it for licencing to other…
4 1/7/2002 Use PC Cards with HandEra 330
Parachute Technologies has released the Parachute HE, a clip-on adapter that allows the HandEra 330 to use Type II PC Cards like hard drives, GPS, wireless modems, Ethernet, and more. Drivers are…
5 12/6/2001 HandEra Releases 802.11b Drivers
Drivers are now available to allow the HandEra 330 and TRGpro to use 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless Compact Flash networking cards. In addition, the company is selling fully refurbished TRGpro's for only…
6 10/10/2001 HandEra to Support 802.11b CF Card (Updated)
HandEra is in the process of creating drivers for the Symbol Wireless Networker, an 802.11b CompactFlash wireless LAN card. HandEra is developing the drivers for the HandEra 330, and are currently…
7 9/3/2001 HandEra Calls 240 by 320 Resolution an 'Emerging Standard'
HandEra has released a statement that calls QVGA an "emerging standard for Palm Powered devices". QVGA is HandEra's name for screens with 240 by 320 pixel resolution, additional display fonts, and a…
8 8/25/2001 HandEra Announces Software Contest Winners
The winners of the HandEra 330 Software Developer's Contest have been announced. The contest was open to developers interested in modifying their applications to take advantage of the new features of…
9 8/13/2001 HandEra Li-Ion Pack to Provide Months of Use
HandEra has made some announcements about pricing and availability for new power accessories, including the Lithium-Ion Battery and the AC adapter for the HandEra 330. When the 330 was released,…

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