HandEra Releases 802.11b Drivers

Drivers are now available to allow the HandEra 330 and TRGpro to use 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless Compact Flash networking cards. In addition, the company is selling fully refurbished TRGpro's for only $100.

The drivers will work with the new Wireless Networker from Symbol, as well as compatible 802.11b cards from Intel and Socket. The Wireless Networker is currently available through several online retailers with prices ranging between $150 and $180. The drivers are, of course, free.

802.11b cards are notorious for their heavy power drain but the HandEra 330 has been designed to provide it. It is powered by either four AAA batteries or a li-ion rechargeable battery pack. A reliable source at HandEra says the 330 using the li-ion battery and the Symbol CF card should get between five and eight hours of continuous use.

These drivers will also work with the TRGpro, as long as it is running the latest version of the Palm OS, available from the HandEra website.

In a related story, HandEra is now selling refurbished TRGpro's online for $100. It normally sells for $250 and features a CompactFlash expansion slot.

About 802.11b
802.11b Wireless LAN, also known as Wireless Ethernet, is a radio frequency (RF) network access technology. It allows users to access information wirelessly throughout a home, business or campus location. The technology is most often used to expand the coverage of a wired LAN, but, it can also be used to replace wired networks. The technology can require the installation of access points (radio transceivers) to provide wireless coverage across a local area. Wireless LAN can also exist in a Peer-to-Peer setting, between devices that have WLAN access modules. The 802.11b standard ensures interoperability among WLAN networks by implementing regulations for WLAN product manufacturers.

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Other Wireless Card

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2001 2:37:13 PM #
I emailed Handera to see if anything besides Socket,
Intel, and Symbol cards are supported. They said that
the drivers include support for Generric 802.11b.
You can get Dlink's 802.11 CF cardb for about $100.
Can anyone confirm if they or someone else has gotten
the drivers to work with generic 802.11b cards?

RE: Other Wireless Card
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2001 6:38:42 PM #
Yes it does indeed work with the Dlink card. As far as cheap cards go, it also works with the new Lynksys WiFi card. The Symbol card is SWEET though, and worth considering...

RE: Other Wireless Card
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/30/2002 2:28:49 AM #
I could not find LinkSys has a CF wifi card.
Could someone tell where I can find it?

Thanks in advanc.


Related story...

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2001 3:36:22 PM #
It was my understanding that the 802.11b drivers would also work on the TRGpro. Pick one of those up for $100 (as mentioned in this article) and you've got a really cheap wireless LAN platform.

RE: Related story...
Ed @ 12/6/2001 3:44:44 PM #
I wrote to HandEra asking if the drivers would work with the TRGpro or if they were writing separate ones for it but I still haven't heard back from them.

News Editor
Works with the TRGpro, too
Ed @ 12/6/2001 4:52:18 PM #
OK, I just heard back from them. Here's a quote:
    The drivers work on the TRGpro as well. TRGpro users need to update to the
    latest OS on the web site, and then they can update the software/drivers.
News Editor

handera is the best...

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/6/2001 7:29:18 PM #
...at responding to Enthusiast needs of all the major players. You want innovation, the 330's got it. They've put their limited resources to work in ways that Palm, HS, and even Sony haven't been able to match. In terms of funcionality, the 330 lacks only color and form. Imagine what Handera could do with the kind of cash that Palm has squandered.

oh, and fwiw, I have a prism...

RE: handera is the best...
jeremyf @ 12/7/2001 2:57:24 AM #
...and usb, and a real battery, and support, and real hi-res, and accessories, and price, and size, and...

RE: handera is the best...
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/7/2001 4:18:19 AM #
and there isn't much company out there listens to their customers like HandEra does.

RE: handera is the best...
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/7/2001 11:25:19 AM #
"...and usb, and a real battery, and support, and real hi-res, and accessories, and price, and size, and..."

Ok, the USB and Size they do not have, but I would have to disagree about the other.

I have a TRGPro (started with a PalmPilot Pro, then a visor 2mb) and I'd have to say that they have the best support out of all of them, although I've never dealt with Sony.

From what I understand the 330 has the most battery options out of any unit, you can choose external power, AAA's, or a Li-Ion battery. This sounds like a nice setup unless I am wrong about it.

What do you consider 'real hi-res'? I have seen the 330 screen (CompUSA has display models) and it looked a lot better-higher res than the comparable models around it (M500, PalmV, Visor) and my TRGPro.

The price is too high for me, but if you're buying a top end handheld, it seems right on par. Seems to have more features than similar models.

I do have to note that is definately not as pretty as the M50x or new Clie devices, but beats them in functionality (unless your a student who wants all the music playing and games).

330 Refurbhised!

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/7/2001 5:39:00 PM #
Just looked on www.handera.com and they now have refurbished 330 handhelds.

Just FYI.



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