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1 8/19/2005 Sprint Discontinues the Samsung SPH-i500
Sprint is no longer offering the aging Samsung SPH-i500 Palm OS Smartphone. The clamshell i500 ran Palm OS 4.1 on a 66 Mhz Dragonball processor with 16MB of RAM.
2 5/12/2005 Samsung SCH-i539 Smartphone Available in China
PalmSource, Samsung Electronics, China Unicom NewSpace and Motricity showcased the Samsung SCH-i539 smartphone at an event held today in Beijing, China, to announce the general availability of the…
3 4/11/2005 Samsung Launching i539 Smartphone in China
Samsung and PalmSource recently held a event in China to announce the Samsung i539 Palm OS smartphone. The SPH-i539 is the first native Chinese Palm OS smartphone.
4 6/17/2004 Samsung Shows Smartphone Virtual Keyboard
Samsung is showing a Virtual laser keyboard running with a Palm Powered Smartphone at a trade show in Asia.
5 4/15/2004 FCC Approves Samsung i550 Smartphone
The FCC has taken the wraps off a new upcoming Palm Powered Smartphone from Samsung. The SPH-i550 is a CDMA flip phone with a high resolution screen, SD slot and a megapixel digital camera.
6 3/19/2004 Samsung Demos Palm Powered SGH-i500 at CeBit
Samsung is showing a Palm Powered smartphone with a built in camera and SD slot at the CeBit. The SGH-i500 is a GSM phone with a 180 degree swivel screen design.
7 3/2/2004 Samsung OS 5 Smartphones Still MIA
Samsung has a bad habit of showing off new their new Palm OS smartphones years before the product is available for sale. In the past year, the company has shown two new Palm OS 5 smartphones at trade…
8 10/24/2003 Preview: Samsung's Upcoming OS 5 Smartphones
Samsung recently showed off their two new upcoming Palm OS 5 smartphones at the past ITU World Telecom Conference in Switzerland. Both models feature a small clamshell design and run the latest…
9 10/13/2003 Samsung Shows New SGH-i505 Smartphone
Samsung is showing a new Palm Powered smartphone at the ITU World Telecom Conference. The SGH-i505 is a Palm OS 5 smartphone that has a rotating display and built in VGA camera.
10 10/9/2003 No Samsung SGH-i500 Smartphone This Year
Samsung's upcoming Palm OS 5 smartphone release date has been pushed back. Originally scheduled to ship in the third quarter, now it many not make it to the US until 2004.
11 3/12/2003 Samsung Announces Palm OS 5 Smartphone  
12 3/3/2003 Samsung Joins the Palm OS Ready Program  
13 1/12/2003 Samsung Officially Debuts the SPH-i500  
14 12/27/2002 Samsung SPH-i330 Now Available Through Sprint  
15 9/25/2002 Samsung SPH-i330 & SPH-i500 Demoed in NY  
16 9/17/2002 Samsung MITs M330 Smartphone Announced in Korea  
17 6/21/2002 Samsung Demoing New Smartphone  
18 3/5/2002 Samsung Unveils Next Generation Smartphone  
19 12/12/2000 Samsung Licenses Palm OS for Smartphone  

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