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Windows Mobile Treo Articles

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# Date Title  
1 1/22/2010 Treo Pro Disappears from Palm's Website
With the recent launch of webOS 1.3.5 and the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus joining the existing Pre and Pixi, the main areas of are now webOS-exclusive. Palm has recently removed the company's…
2 8/27/2009 webOS Skin for Windows Mobile Demo'd
Pity poor Windows Mobile, which in the last few years has swiftly gone from leader of the mobile OS pack to laughing-stock, in the wake of shiny new competitors like webOS, Android and the iPhone.…
3 6/22/2009 Unlocked Treo Pro Down to $399
Palm has officially lowered the retail price of the unlocked GSM Treo Pro by $150. The Windows Mobile sporting Treo Pro can now be had for $399 from's online store. The phone has been offered…
4 6/16/2009 Ringer Update Issued for the Sprint Treo Pro
Palm Support has issued a new update for the Sprint Treo Pro. The update patches a rare issue with the Sprint Treo Pro where the registry key may become corrupted and cause the phone to stop ringing. …
5 5/29/2009 Telecom XT in New Zealand Gets the Treo Pro
Palm, Inc. today announced that Treo Pro is now available on the Telecom New Zealand XT Mobile Network. Treo Pro is an easy-to-use smartphone for businesses that want to simplify their IT…
6 5/27/2009 Iusacell Picks Up the Treo Pro in Mexico
Palm, Inc. and Iusacell have announced that the Palm Treo Pro is now available in Mexico on Iusacell's mobile broadband network. Treo Pro is an easy-to-use smartphone for businesses that want to…
7 5/11/2009 AT&T Ready Treo Pros Available from Best Buy
Nearly nine months after the release of the unlocked GSM version of Palm's Treo Pro, a seemingly official AT&T version is now available in Best Buy Mobile stores. This represents the first time a…
8 4/23/2009 Treo Pro Now Available Through Movistar Mexico
Palm, Inc. has announced that the Windows Mobile powered Treo Pro is now available in Mexico through Movistar, Telefonica Mexico's local carrier brand. The Treo Pro is now available in most…
9 4/14/2009 Unlocked Treo Pro Now $399 at Amazon
The unlocked version of the Palm Treo Pro can be had at Amazon for $399. Amazon is now offering the Windows Mobile powered smartphone at the discounted price sans rebates with a free shipping option.…
10 4/7/2009 Treo Pro Now Available from Telus in Canada
Palm, Inc. today announced that its Treo Pro smartphone is now available at TELUS in Canada. Treo Pro offers TELUS clients simplicity and productivity - including TELUS mobile email, TELUS Navigator,…
11 3/31/2009 Microsoft Clarifies Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrades and Features  
12 3/9/2009 Sprint Treo Pro Specification Differences  
13 2/16/2009 Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6.5  
14 1/11/2009 CDMA Treo Pro Gets FCC Approval  
15 12/29/2008 Qik Adds Palm Support  
16 12/16/2008 Palm Says the Treo Pro is AT&T 'Network Compatible'  
17 12/10/2008 Google Maps Street View Comes to Windows Mobile  
18 11/25/2008 Palm Announces Expanded Treo Pro Availability  
19 11/24/2008 Skyfire Web Browser Updated  
20 11/19/2008 Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Updated  
21 11/18/2008 Two New Redfly Models Announced  
22 11/13/2008 Internet Explorer Mobile Update Will Require New Devices  
23 11/12/2008 Microsoft Releases WM 6.1 Email Patch  
24 11/11/2008 Bluetooth Update Issued for the Treo Pro  
25 10/22/2008 Treo 750 WM6 Update Vanishing Soon  
26 9/24/2008 SkyFire Browser Now Available  
27 9/23/2008 Windows Mobile 7 Reportedly Delayed  
28 9/15/2008 mDesktop v2.0 Released  
29 9/11/2008 Verizon Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 6 Update Released  
30 8/28/2008 Treo 800w USB and Battery Charging Update  
31 6/2/2008 Pocket Tunes Released for Windows Mobile  
32 5/27/2008 mDesktop Released for Windows Mobile  
33 4/1/2008 Microsoft Announces Windows Mobile 6.1  
34 3/10/2008 SyncMate - Sync Windows Mobile with a Mac for Free  
35 12/20/2007 Unlocked Treo 500 Due Soon  
36 12/12/2007 Treo 750 Now Available in Peru  
37 12/4/2007 Unlocked Treo 750 Now Available from Palm  
38 12/4/2007 Windows Mobile 6 Update Released for the AT&T Treo 750  
39 12/3/2007 Office Mobile 6.1 Update Released for Windows Mobile  
40 11/29/2007 Claro Releases the Treo 750 in Brazil  

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