Treo 750 WM6 Update Vanishing Soon

Treo 750 Windows Mobile UpdatePalm is letting its customers know that they have until Halloween to download the Windows Mobile 6 update for the AT&T Treo 750. Palm says that the update will "expire" as of October 31st and will no longer be available. Users of the Treo 750 who want this update must download it before the expiration date.

The Treo 750 was first announced in September 2006. The device originally shipped with Windows Mobile 5.2 Pocket PC edition and was updated to Windows Mobile 6.0 in late 2007. The update provides faster downloads, improved calendar functionality and compatibility with Windows Vista, among other things.

The WM6 update is completely optional. AT&T 750s will continue to work and be supported under Windows Mobile 5 for those customers that choose to forego the update according to Palm. Treo 750s purchased after December 2007 are already running Windows Mobile 6.0, so the update does not apply to them.

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