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1 1/24/2011 Access Releases Graffiti Pro for Android
Responding to some widespread requests (though this move will likely also generate more than a few complaints as well) Access Co. has released a new "Pro" version of their Graffiti app for Android…
2 10/12/2010 Microsoft Licenses Former Palm Patents from Access
Last week, Microsoft quietly licensed dozens of smartphone-related patents, many of which were originally developed by Palm in the Palm OS and Treo heyday prior to the PalmOne/PalmSource spin-off in…
3 10/5/2010 Android Graffiti App Updated Again
Exactly one month since their last update, Access Co. has released yet another new version of their Graffiti app for Android devices. Now bearing version number 2.0.4, neither Access' website nor…
4 9/4/2010 Access Updates Android Graffiti App
Less than two months since the initial release of the app, Access continues rolling out frequent updates for its Graffiti app for Android devices. Last week, version 2.0.2 was released and the…
5 8/2/2010 Graffiti for Android Receives an Update
Just a few short weeks after the surprising release of a Graffiti app for Android, Access Co., Ltd. has already released two updates. Checking my Android Market this past Friday revealed a new v2.0…
6 6/30/2010 Emblaze First Else Officially Shelved
Else Mobile, the company behind the First Else smartphone prototype, have announced that they are abandoning their hardware intentions. The company has issued a press release, via engadget, stating…
7 6/16/2010 Updated Garnet VM for Nokia N900
Access has quietly released a new version of their Palm OS Garnet Virtual Machine for maemo powered Nokia devices. Now up to version 6, Garnet VM Beta 6 1.05b (as it's formally titled) brings…
8 6/16/2010 Emblaze Else Headed to the Vapor-bin?
After a brief flurry of activity last fall, little has been heard (or seen) from Israel's Else Mobile (formerly Emblaze Mobile) and Japan's Access regarding the ALP OS-powered Edelweiss, Monolith,…
9 11/30/2009 Access Updates Garnet VM for Nokia Tablets
Access has released another update to its Palm OS Garnet VM for Nokia Internet Tablets running Maemo. The Garnet VM Beta 5 (v1.04b) is said to offer various undisclosed stability improvements.…
10 11/25/2009 First Else Debuts at London Event
Else Mobile held a press event this week in London to showcase its new Access Linux Powered Else device. Now being branded as the First Else, the device was introduced by Eldad Eilam, CTO of Else.…
11 10/22/2009 ALP Powered ELSE Smartphone Announced  
12 9/19/2009 ALP-powered Emblaze Edelweiss shelved in favor of Monolith?  
13 5/29/2009 New Garnet VM Beta for Nokia Tablets  
14 2/20/2009 Access Shows ALP 3.0 at MWC  
15 11/26/2008 Garnet VM Beta 3 Released for Nokia Tablets  
16 10/22/2008 Access Announces ALP v3.0 and ALP mini  
17 10/13/2008 Edelweiss the First ALP Powered Smartphone?  
18 8/6/2008 Access Repositions ALP for Mobile Internet Devices  
19 7/29/2008 Samsung i800 ALP Handset Cancelled by Orange  
20 5/29/2008 Access Releases Updated Garnet VM for Nokia Tablets  
21 2/11/2008 Access Linux Platform SDK Released  
22 11/13/2007 Nokia Tablet Garnet VM Video Demo  
23 11/13/2007 Palm OS Garnet VM Released for Nokia Internet Tablets  
24 10/1/2007 Emblaze Signs Mobile OS Deal with ACCESS  
25 8/9/2007 New ACCESS Linux Platform Screenshots and News  
26 7/19/2007 ACCESS Loses Graffiti Wireless Trademark Lawsuit  
27 4/18/2007 ACCESS Releases ALP Garnet VM Compatibility Kit  
28 2/13/2007 More ACCESS Linux Platform Photos from 3GSM  
29 2/12/2007 New ALP Details and Screenshots  
30 2/12/2007 ACCESS Linux Platform Demoed at 3GSM  
31 1/25/2007 ACCESS Renames Palm OS to Garnet OS  
32 12/21/2006 ACCESS Releases Hiker Application Framework for ALP  
33 12/18/2006 ACCESS Licenses Handwriting Tech for ALP  
34 12/14/2006 ACCESS Says ALP Release Has Not Slipped  
35 10/31/2006 ACCESS to Release Open Source Application Framework  
36 10/12/2006 PalmSource to Change Name to ACCESS  
37 8/13/2006 ALP Named an Orange Approved Platform  
38 8/2/2006 Access Aims for 30% Marketshare by 2010  
39 3/30/2006 Access Licensing Sony's Location Free TV  
40 3/3/2006 ACCESS Acquires Networking Company  

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