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1 3/15/2007 Ericsson to Speed Up EDGE Networks by 2009
Ericsson has announced plans to launch EDGE Evolution, as software upgrade of existing EDGE telecom infrastructure, by 2009. Billing it as EDGE Evolution, they claim it will boost existing EDGE data…
2 3/29/2006 Bluetooth Adopts Ultra-Wideband Technology
The Bluetooth SIG today announced its selection of the WiMedia Alliance ultra-wideband (UWB) spec for integration with current Bluetooth wireless technology. This move will give Bluetooth data…
3 2/27/2006 Jeff Hawkins Numenta Interview on NPR
Jeff Hawkins gave an interview this morning on National Public Radio. A clip of his appearance is now online. In the interview, Jeff talks about his current work at his new company Numenta, his theory…
4 2/15/2006 Seagate Develops 1-Inch 12GB Hard Drive
Seagate Technology has announced the Seagate ST1.3 Series 12GB 1-inch hard drive for mobile devices. With a footprint 23% smaller, 50% more storage capacity, and 30% less power consumption than…
5 5/23/2005 Vonage Softphone Coming to Palm OS
In an interview at Engadget the CEO of Vonage reveals that the company is working on a Voice Over IP softphone client for the Palm OS.
6 3/29/2005 Toshiba Announces Super Charge Battery
Toshiba Corporation today announced a breakthrough in lithium-ion batteries that makes long recharge times a thing of the past. The company's new battery can recharge 80% of a battery's energy…
7 3/9/2005 Improved Li-Ion Battery Tech in the Works
Altair Nanotechnologies, has announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in Lithium Ion battery electrode materials. These new materials allow rechargeable batteries to be manufactured that have…
8 2/14/2005 Qualphone Joins Palm Powered Mobile World
PalmSource today announced Qualphone, a company focused on developing high-quality voice and multi media software solutions for smartphones and mobile devices, has joined the Palm Powered Mobile World…
9 2/9/2005 Smartphone Device with a Folding Screen?
A Smartphone device with a folding screen? Sounds crazy, but it may be what's coming down the road from palmOne. According to the US Patent Office, two palmOne engineers, Rich Gioscia and Francis…
10 2/3/2005 E-GPS Offers More Accurate Handset Locating
CPS (Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd) today announced the launch of their new E-GPS (Enhanced Global Positioning System) technology harnessing their Matrix technology to improve satellite-based…
11 12/29/2004 Science Guys Develop Holgographic PDA Displays  
12 10/4/2004 Panasonic Develops RFID smartSD Card  
13 3/5/2004 New Liquid Lens Digital Camera Tech  
14 1/23/2004 Use a PDA as a Desktop Platform via Blue Dock  
15 1/22/2004 TI Unveils EDGE Smartphone Reference Design  
16 12/4/2003 Wi-Fi Positioning Tech Comes to the Palm OS  
17 9/30/2003 Samsung Develops 4Gb Flash Chip, Fusion Memory  
18 7/31/2003 Projection Keyboards See the Light  
19 7/21/2003 Samsung Electronics Unveils 533MHz Mobile CPU  
20 7/15/2003 Fujitsu Creates 800x600 PDA Display  
21 7/11/2003 Magnetoresistive RAM on the Way  
22 12/3/2002 Palm OS Robotic Tattoo Machine Invented  
23 10/28/2001 Samsung OLED Displays in 2003  

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