Seagate Develops 1-Inch 12GB Hard Drive

Seagate Technology has announced the Seagate ST1.3 Series 12GB 1-inch hard drive for mobile devices. With a footprint 23% smaller, 50% more storage capacity, and 30% less power consumption than Seagate's current 1-inch hard drive, the ST1.3 Series also offers a new drop sensor feature.

Seagate Develops 1-Inch 12GB Hard DriveThe ST1.3 Series hard drive is Seagate's second hard drive with perpendicular recording and the company's first drive utilizing perpendicular technology in the 1-inch category. By offering 12GB of storage in a smaller footprint, the ST1.3 Series hard drive is a powerful solution for integration with new mobile devices such as digital audio players, mobile phones and handhelds. The drive's new size, 40x30x5 mm, allows for more streamlined media players product designs and fits nicely into current clamshell and candy-bar style mobile handsets.

As part of its G-Force Protection feature set enabling skip-free, reliable media storage and playback, Seagate also includes an optional drop sensor. This will increase operational shock resistance 33% up to 2000Gs, enabling the drive to survive a 1.5-meter drop onto hard concrete or ceramic surfaces when properly mounted in a handheld device. The ST1.3 Series hard drive also delivers 30% greater power efficiency than previous models, enabling system designers and manufacturers greater choice in power supplies and system power-on hours.

The Seagate ST1.3 Series will begin shipping to manufacturers in the third calendar quarter of 2006.

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Taking Bets

Hawkeye05 @ 2/15/2006 4:36:33 PM # Q
Ok taking bets on when people think it will actually be put in a device, i say 2 years from the release date

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Dr. Kaufman: I am to torture you if you don't do it.
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RE: Taking Bets
Foo Fighter @ 2/15/2006 4:46:29 PM # Q
That's what I've been saying. The SDK isn't shipping until the end of this year, and the OS may not accompany the SDK. That being the case, let's say the OS goes Gold in early 2007. Even at that point it's going to take 8-12 months beyond that for ODMs to develop and build devices around this new platform. And that's just the beginning. Wireless carriers will need another 8-12 months to do thorough testing before they adopt and integrate ALP devices into their networks. Frankly I don't think there is any chance of seeing ALP devices in 2007. We're looking at sometime in 2008 as the most likely date of inception.

And that's an optimistic view, in my opinion. It's entirely possible we may get dose of deja vu, Cobalt style. Given the disastrous launch of Cobalt, and considering this is another entirely new platform (albeit one with a much better and TRUSTED foundation), hardware and software developers are unlikely to grab this os right out the starting gate. It's going to take quite some time for all players involved to fully digest the new platform. Product makers don't share out geeky enthusiasm. They're not going to take the ball and run with it like a teenage boy who just found his Dad's porn collection. To response to ALP will be one of caution and restraint.


RE: Taking Bets
Foo Fighter @ 2/15/2006 5:04:13 PM # Q
Doh! That's what I get for having multiple tabs for the same site open in Firefox! This was supposed to be posted in the ALP thread. *sigh*

RE: Taking Bets
LiveFaith @ 2/15/2006 5:52:39 PM # Q
C'mon Foo,

You had me 1/2 angry as to why this drive would need a new Palm SDK. I was like ... what on earth are they thinking, requiring software rewrites for another HDD. : - o

Pat Horne;

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And when in PALMs?

Radu Coc @ 2/15/2006 4:36:30 PM # Q
And when this will be impemented in PALMs?
Personally I want an PALM with:
-12GB storage memory.
-OLED screen (640x480)
-GoForce 5500 whith have H.264 supported in hardware, DVB-H digital television and of course 3D acceleration. (

RE: And when in PALMs?
PenguinPowered @ 2/15/2006 5:32:30 PM # Q
It'll be a while before you see the GoForce in anyone's product, I would imagine.

May You Live in Interesting Times

RE: And when in PALMs?
AdamaDBrown @ 2/15/2006 9:37:28 PM # Q
If ever. GeForce hasn't had a great run with their mobile display chips. Most of the ones that have been used are ATI or Intel.

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12GB LifeDrive cometh!

LiveFaith @ 2/15/2006 5:54:27 PM # Q
12GB LifeDrive cometh!

Maybe some decent cache, real RAM instead of the partition, video ripping software, proper button operation and some FrankyGarnet pampering. She may be quite desirable at $350-$400.

Pat Horne;

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
jdfdc7 @ 2/15/2006 9:40:57 PM # Q
What about Treo 1000?
That would be a hot item!

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Best of Bread @ 2/16/2006 9:43:57 AM # Q
Nobody is going to buy a phone with a mechanical hard drive..

Pilot 1000/Palm Pro/Palm VII/m505/Tungsten T(with T68i)
RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Rhauer @ 2/16/2006 9:47:49 AM # Q
That works. Or how about a TX with 12GB. There are plenty of incremental imporvements that can be made to both the TX and LD. Screen, sound, battery, memory, BT, software patches (vers still doesn't work). LETS HAVE SOME MORE PDA's - HIGH END.

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
hkklife @ 2/16/2006 10:24:48 AM # Q
Building on the "near-competency" of the TX, Palm could add the following basic features crucial for any high-end handheld:

1. SLIM & STYLISH metal casing

2. Charging LED

3. Vibrating alarm & voice recorder

4. HIGH capacity fixed internal battery ala T|C/LD or removable battery in varying capacities ala Treo 650/700.

5. Good d-pad & build quality and a decent assortment of hard buttons (again, all like the LD) including a hardware screen rotate button.

6. Solid software bundle out of the box including "fixed" Blazer & VersaMail, GOOD multimedia apps (not crippled PTunes) and a cradle in the box like the good ol' days.

7. Boing boing stylus like T|T series & LD

Then pick & choose from a couple of the following "esoteric" features that are still possible under FrankenGarnet:

1.128mb RAM, 1gb+ flash internal storage drive (ala T5)

2. Dual SD slots- at least one has to be SDIO

3. Accelerated graphics (perhaps Imageon chip lifted off of the corpse of the Zodiac?)

4. Physically larger 18-bit 320*480 screen of uniform brightness/quality.

5. BT 1.2 (at minimum) with A2DP for wireless stereo headphone mp3 listening--lifted from 700p/Cobalt?

6. 802.11g (Yes, I know the Palm's CPU/OS cannot really utilize the speed but at least it won't drag down everthing else to "b" speeds on the network)

Pilot 1000-->Pilot 5000-->PalmPilot Pro-->IIIe-->Vx-->m505-->T|T-->T|T2-->T|C-->T|T3-->T|T5-->TX

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Rhauer @ 2/16/2006 12:43:12 PM # Q
You said what I was thinking. I'm just not smart enough to put it all down on paper like that. Bring it on. We need, new, better PDA's. Any or all of hkklife ideas would work.

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Gekko @ 2/16/2006 12:46:27 PM # Q

the trend is clear. pdas are YESTERDAY. smartphones are the future. smartphones are what smart handheld companies are focusing their R&D on. consumer pdas are over, stop dreaming. they're not coming back. they are dinosaurs. they are buggy-whips.

and don't shoot the messenger.

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Radu Coc @ 2/16/2006 1:11:55 PM # Q
5. BT 1.2 (at minimum) with A2DP for wireless stereo headphone mp3 listening

YES, A2DP IS A MUST IN THIS DAYS and not an "esoteric" feature.

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Rhauer @ 2/16/2006 4:01:55 PM # Q
Radu Coc - agreed
Gekko - I hope you are wrong. There should be a market for both PDAs and SMartphones.

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
Gekko @ 2/16/2006 4:19:19 PM # Q

"Hope is not a strategy."

RE: 12GB LifeDrive cometh!
mtt @ 2/21/2006 10:53:18 AM # Q
@Radu Coc
"YES, A2DP IS A MUST IN THIS DAYS and not an "esoteric" feature."

Was this a sarcastic comment? I hope so. Is it also a must have feature in the billions Ipods sold so far? Or the Rios and Nomads? Maybe this lack of A2DP is what has hurt Palm so badly and is the primary thing keeping them from driving MS out of the market.

Handspring Visor, Palm V, Treo 180, Treo 90, Treo 600, Treo 650...

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