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Seidiio Treo Slim Case ReviewAfter a disastrous start with the peeling paint of 2004's Zire 72, the soft-touch rubberized paint has slowly been growing more popular on various products released by Palm. From last year's Treo Hardcase (reviewed here), Treo 650 "Black Tie" special edition and GSM Treo 750 to this year's new CDMA Treo 755p, Palm has steadily been rolling out products incorporating this coating for a more secure, luxurious finish. Now Seidio, a popular manufacturer of peripherals for all types of handheld devices, has released a new Treo 700-series hard case that lets owners of non-rubberized Treos enjoy this remarkable finish.

After spending some time recently with a Sprint Treo 755p, I became determined to find a something similar for my 700p. Read on for the full review of Seidio's new Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case for the Treo 700 series.

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Killer Review

LiveFaith @ 8/15/2007 10:29:04 AM # Q
That is a killer review! Obviously, you had a little extra in hoping for this one to work. Sorry about the hitches.

But, making these Treos any thicker and we might as well have LCDs on the sides!

Pat Horne

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Love these cases

nlowhor @ 8/15/2007 1:14:03 PM # Q
Personally I love these cases. The Treo is just too slick on the back, and I was always afraid of dropping it. The rubberized feel takes care of this and it's just nice in the hand. The case does add some size, but it's as minimal as possible.

I used one of these until it broke....or I broke it. :) This time I got the hybrid case. It's got a crystal clear front and the black rubberized back. You can find pics of it on my treo at

RE: Love these cases
hkklife @ 8/15/2007 1:59:39 PM # Q
Yeah, I really might revisit this kind of case down the road (I bet it'd be fantastic with the Treo 680/750/755p FF) but I'll really have to lower my expectations a bit.

I just cannot make it through a full day on the standard 1800mAh 700p battery. Since this case won't work with the Seidio 2400mAh (or with the upcoming 2600mAh version), that leaves the 3200mAh Seidio battery and the much larger version of the case as my only alternative. I still might give that a shot but the 700p already borders on too porky with the "rumpshaker" battery. I fear that adding a rubberized case on top of that would combine with the nasty antenna to make it a bit too much for my pocket.

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