Inventec Lands Large HP Tablet Order

Taiwanese news outlet CENS is reporting that OEM giant Inventec Corp. has received a large-quantity order from HP for an upcoming tablet. Presumably, this is the 7" version of the TouchPad, nicknamed the "Opal". Supposedly, this new 7" TouchPad will join its larger 9.7" sibling (arriving this Friday) on store shelves as soon as August or September. Those of you who have been following the TouchPad saga since the beginning will recall that the first word leaked out about this device way back in January.

Additional details from the article center around HP's lofty sales aspirations for their first-generation TouchPads, with CENS reporting that HP's 2011 tablet order from Inventec is estimated to be three million units, with monthly production hitting 400,000 to 450,000 units.

With Apple currently focusing solely on the existing 9.7" iPad form-factor and Google electing at the present to only outfit tablets with screen sizes 8.9" or larger with its latest Honeycomb OS, the 7" tablet market has considerably fewer cutting-edge devices and competition. 7" tablets are less well-representation in most retail outlets versus the larger tablets in the 10" screen size range, so HP could potentially stand to capture a larger piece of the market share if they can speedily bring a smaller and more affordable Touchpad to market.

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Burn the Bezel

LiveFaith @ 6/29/2011 7:21:03 PM # Q
HP. Why don't you lead the freakin' way in this before someone else does. Burn the ridiculous bezel space down to almost nothing to maximize viewing area and reduce size. Even if the design requires a slightly thicker FF to pack in all the goodies (err battery).

Apple is doing it on 2 sides of the iPhone. HTC and others are catching on. This design rant has been ongoing for almost a decade now. So suprise us HP and give people what they want.

Tablets have almost no reason for wasted bezel space. It needs to go the way of the wasted space around keyboards, CRTs, & LCDs that ate deskspace needlessly for years.
Pat Horne

RE: Burn the Bezel
ChiA @ 6/30/2011 2:20:07 PM # Q
Some bezel is necessary to hold a tablet with your hand or hands without accidentally obscuring or touching the touchscreen at the same time, unless you intend to use a tablet solely on a table or surface, in which case you may as well buy a desktop or laptop.

In contrast a phone, unlike a tablet, can be completely held in one hand therefore making large bezels unecessary.

RE: Burn the Bezel
LiveFaith @ 7/10/2011 7:49:08 PM # Q
Good point. Find the minimum and go for it I say. A 7" tab with thin bezel is not outrageously far away from the size of the newest phones. I don't expect HP to cut it to the bone tho. The Toughpad already looks nice. I expect pretty much a clone but smaller.
Pat Horne
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